Fitting Children's Shoes

How to Stop Smelly Feet – Prevent Foot and Shoe Odor

Child with smelly feet in need of a pair of breathable socks and shoes.

Do you have a child who suffers from sweaty and smelly feet? Sweaty feet is an issue that spans all age groups, but if your child’s feet are sweating excessively then there are certain steps that you can take to reduce the sweat and the smell. Children’s feet sweat a lot. Did you know that a […]

Washable Shoes for Kids – The Best Shoes to Stop Smelly and Sweaty Feet!

Machine washable shoes for kids.

“My kids have the smelliest, stinkiest feet you could ever imagine!” is what parents typically say before I get ready to take their kids’ shoes off to measure their feet. The types of shoes that your child wears have a tremendous impact on how much their feet sweat. A shoe that is not breathable enough will […]

The Best Shoes for Sweaty Feet – The Proven Method to Stop Kids Feet from Sweating

Child with sweaty feet holding a pair of shoes.

“My child has the smelliest feet!” is what parents often tell me before I get ready to remove their kids’ shoes to measure their feet. Some children’s feet tend to sweat more than others. One of the most common causes is believed to be hereditary, but the type of shoes and socks that your child wears can significantly reduce […]

How to Stop Itchy Feet – STOP Your Kids Fungal Problem!

A medical professional diagnosing a child with fungus and foot odor.

Have your children been complaining about itchy feet? Do you feel like their shoes and socks are always damp when you take them off? Let’s make sure that your child is wearing breathable shoes and socks made from breathable and soft materials. Your child might be dealing with the two most common fungal problems: athlete’s foot and/or fungal nails. I […]