Washable Shoes for Kids – The Best Shoes to Stop Smelly and Sweaty Feet!

“My kids have the smelliest, stinkiest feet you could ever imagine!” is what parents typically say before I get ready to take their kids’ shoes off to measure their feet. The types of shoes that your child wears have a tremendous impact on how much their feet sweat. A shoe that is not breathable enough will make your kids’ feet sweat even more. The good news is that I will provide you with a selection of washable shoes for kids that are breathable and will help prevent your child’s feet from sweating excessively.

I get contacted by parents daily asking me how they can prevent their kids’ shoes from smelling so bad since most of the time they find themselves having to throw the shoes out. Another common problem that sweaty feet can create is the growth of bacteria inside the shoes, which can lead to a foot infection.

Can Shoes Help Prevent Your Child’s Feet From Sweating Excessively?

Certain shoes have proven to reduce how much children’s feet sweat, and these are particular shoe styles that are more breathable than others, come with an antibacterial insole, and are also machine-washable.

Have you ever tried the Tsukihoshi shoe brand before? They manufacture lightweight, supportive, breathable, and machine washable shoes for children. This shoe brand is the go-to shoe brand for kids who have sweaty feet! These shoes come with an antibacterial insole that helps your kids’ feet stay dry and cool.

In addition to providing your child with the correct type of shoes, you must also keep an eye on your child’s socks, and make sure they don’t feel damp since that can create all sorts of foot problems such as blisters, calluses, and corns.

Stay Away From Socks Made of Synthetic or Cotton Materials

Socks that are made out of synthetic or cotton material make your kids’ feet sweat more than socks made out of wool. Most parents are probably scratching their heads right now since they probably thought that cotton was the best type of material for socks. I don’t blame you because I initially thought that too! The advantage of cotton socks is that they absorb moisture, but the problem is that they don’t dispel it.

One of the best ways to prevent kids’ feet from sweating and smelling so much is to wear the right type of shoes and socks. The best two features that we can find in a shoe for a child who has smelly, sweaty feet, is for the shoe to be breathable and machine-washable.

Let me show you a selection of the best machine washable shoes for children who suffer from sweaty, stinky feet.

Why Are Your Kids’ Feet Sweating So Much? – Let’s STOP the Smell!

Excessively sweaty feet can begin from a very early age and can lead to social and functional problems. Kids who have sweaty feet can suffer from embarrassing comments from their friends, and also misunderstandings from their teachers, instructors, and even their parents.

While there can be several reasons why your kids’ feet might be sweating and smelling so much, you should always start by checking the shoes and socks that they are wearing. No matter what condition your children might have, providing them with the correct type of shoes and socks will reduce, and in certain cases fully eliminate the smell.

As I mentioned before, if you want to prevent your kids’ feet from sweating so much, you want to look for shoes that are breathable and also machine washable. Being able to throw the shoes in the washing machine means that you will be able to get rid of any bacteria that might have been building up in the shoe.

While it may seem quite obvious when a child suffers from excessively sweaty or smelly feet, certain symptoms will alert you so you can take action:

  • Itchy feet
  • Skin problems
  • Toenail fungus
  • Wet socks
  • Wet shoes
  • Clammines

Stop Your Kids’ Shoes from Developing Bacteria – Wash Them!

When you have a child with excessively sweaty feet, you must take action before all the sweat starts causing more severe foot problems. Start by checking the shoes your child is currently wearing and look to see if the shoes are breathable enough. For example, take a look at the picture below, do notice how the shoe has plenty of breathing holes for the feet to properly breathe?

However, in the picture below we can find a pair of children’s shoes with less breathability. Though it has a reinforced mesh, the sneaker below has suede all over it. If your child has sweaty feet, you must stay away from these types of shoes since they will make your child’s feet sweat more.

Now, in addition to the shoes being breathable, we need them to be machine washable as well to get rid of any bacteria that might be building up inside the shoe. Imagine sending your child to school wearing shoes that don’t breathe properlythis means that your child will run around school all day with damp feet.

Make sure that you take your kids’ shoes and socks off as soon as they get home from school, and check to see if the feet feel damp. Make sure your kids are drying their feet thoroughly after coming out of the shower.

Following simple steps like the ones mentioned above will make a huge difference in keeping your kids’ feet healthy.

I only review shoes that I have fitted before, since that is the only way for me to tallow well-made the shoes are, how much support they will provide to your child, and how they fit. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

The Best Machine-Washable Shoes for Kids

Below you can find a selection of the best machine-washable shoes for children with sweaty feet. The shoes below can fit children with medium or wide feet.

The great thing about shoes being machine washable is that you can just toss them in the washing machine, and the shoes won’t shrink! You will kill any bacteria and the shoes will smell fresh.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

If you want to be 100% sure about what shoe size to order online, I suggest that you follow the instructions in a different article I created.

The Best Socks for Kids with Smelly Feet – Breathable and Seamless!

Providing your child with breathable, machine-washable shoes will considerably reduce or fully eliminate your kids’ sweaty and smelly feet. However, to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to prevent your kids’ feet from sweating so much, make sure that they are also wearing the right type of socks.

Please remember to stay away from socks made from synthetic materials. You want to look for moisture-wicking socks that will allow your kids’ feet to properly breathe.

The socks I describe below are all made with high-tech fibers that wick moisture away from the skin. This will help keep your kids’ feet drier and prevent stinky feet. In addition to being breathable, the socks below are completely free of seams. This is an awesome feature since most children refuse to wear socks since they feel every bump and lump. Below you can find a selection of the best wicking away moisture socks for children:

Shoes with Removable Insoles? – Easy to Clean!

All of the machine washable shoes that I described come with removable insoles. This is an awesome feature that allows parents to clean their shoes thoroughly.

Now that you know which are the best shoes and socks for kids who suffer from sweaty feet, you are ready to make the most informed decision. Remember, something as simple as providing your kids with the correct pair of shoes and socks can have a positive impact on your kids’ daily lives.

Providing your child with shoes that don’t breathe properly will make your kids’ feet sweat and smell even more, which will lead to all sorts of foot issues such as blisters, calluses and corns.

I created a different article that describes the best breathable boots for children with sweaty feet.

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available?

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Do you have a child with really smelly, stinky feet? Have you found a particular shoe that has worked well for his or her feet? Please share your thoughts and experiences below so we can all benefit from them!