Fitting Children's Shoes

Foot Pain in the Toes – The Best Shoes to Eliminate Your Kids’ Toe Pain!

A medical professional diagnosing a child with overlapping toes.

Has your child been complaining about pain in the toes? Did you know that the most common cause of toe pain is wearing shoes that are too short or too narrow? Furthermore, did you know that most kids that experience foot problems often go undiagnosed? If your child complains about foot pain in the toes […]

Foot Pain in Big Toe – The Best Shoes to Keep Your Kids’ Feet Healthy

A medical professional helping a child with toe pain.

I decided to write an article to describe the best shoes for kids that are dealing with foot pain in their big toe, as I have been contacted by several families who are dealing with this same issue. Fitting children in shoes that are too short or too narrow usually leads to foot pain in […]