Fitting Children's Shoes

Best Kids’ Shoes in the UK for Toe Walking – Supportive and Rigid

Toddler walking on her toes.

Several families from the United Kingdom have contacted me wanting to know which are the best kids’ shoes for toe walking. Some of these families are told that their child will eventually outgrow the habit of toe walking, but they are still worried and want to do everything in their power to help treat and […]

High-Top Shoes for Toe Walking Children

High top shoes that help prevent children from walking on their toes.

Has your medical professional recommended a pair of high-top shoes to prevent your child from walking on his/her toes? Were you told to get a pair of high-top shoes, but your child’s medical professional didn’t specify which models you should buy? There is a large selection of high-top shoes for kids, and some of them […]

Sandals for Toe Walking – Let’s Prevent Your Kids From Walking On Their Toes!

A child walking on his toes.

I have been contacted by several parents and physical/occupational therapists with one common question: What are the best sandals to wear in the summer for children who walk with their tip-toes? The correct types of sandals can make a world of difference in treating and preventing your child’s tip-toe walking condition. I will show you […]

Shoes for Tip Toe Walking Children – Prevent Your Kids from Walking on Their Toes!

Rigid shoes to help prevent children from walking on their toes.

Have you noticed your child walking on his or her toes lately? Has your child been falling more often? Several complications might arise when children are over two years old and continue toe walking. I have found that certain shoes can help prevent children from getting on their toes and promote the habit of walking the correct way: […]

Best Orthopedic Shoes for Toe Walking Children

Orthopedic high-top shoes to help prevent children from walking on their toes.

Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with idiopathic toe walking and your medical professional recommends buying a pair of orthopedic shoes? Maybe your medical professional told you that your child’s toe walking will “resolve on its own” and it’s you the one who wants to be proactive and take early action? Toe […]

What Are the Best Shoe Brands for Toe Walking Children?

Sandals that are rigid at the front to help prevent children from walking on their toes.

Does your medical professional recommend that your child wears a pair of shoes to help treat and prevent his or her toe walking condition? Are you unsure about what shoes are more effective for children who walk on their toes? I have created several resources that helped a lot of families of children who walk […]