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The Best Shoe Polish Brand – Perfect for Kids and Adult Shoes


Editor’s Note: This post has been updated and revised for accuracy on April 2022 and reflects up-to-date information on the best shoe polish brand.

I have found an affordable shoe polish brand that helps condition the leather of your kids’ shoes as well as restore the colors of the shoes.

My Experience Fitting Children’s Shoes

At the children’s shoe store that I work for, several parents have asked me which is the best shoe polish brand for their kids’ dress shoes as well as their shoes. I have fitted their children’s shoes for over 10 years, and they trust me when it comes to everything that relates to their kids’ shoes.


Dress shoes are an inevitable part of one’s complete and perfect outfit, and if they fit perfectly, your child will be comfortable and stylish no matter where they are! But how can parents take care of their kids’ fancy shoes? I will show you the best shoe polish product for dress shoes that you can use not only for your kids’ shoes but for your shoes as well!

When children go to a fancy occasion wearing dress shoes, that doesn’t stop them from chasing their friends and running around, which makes the shoes more prone to being scuffed and dirty.

Keep in mind that leather shoes will always be superior to other shoe materials, especially when it comes to durability. Considering that kids’ and adult leather shoes are more expensive than other shoes depending on the style and design, you want to make sure that you give attention to cleaning and caring for them to keep them in the best shape possible!


Caring for Your Kids’ Leather Shoes – Learn the Secret!

One of the things that make leather shoes a little hard to care for is that they are more prone to becoming scratched, stained and they can also end up drying up and cracking. However, a simple thing such as polishing the shoe can go a long way in keeping the shoe looking like new!

There are several shoe polish products available, but if you don’t choose the right product, you might end up damaging the shoe. Heavily waxed, heavily oiled and polishes mixed with toxic-smelling chemicals must be avoided as such products will reduce the life of your shoes. Moreover, using the right type of shoe polish for your footwear is very important.

What is the Best Shoe Polish Brand for Shoes?

The best shoe polish brand I have used in kids’ and adults’ shoes is called the “Meltonian boot and shoe cream polish”. It is not just a polish; it is also a leather conditioner that will help you condition the leather and restore the color of your kids’ or your shoes! This type of shoe cream is suitable for the finest smooth and grained leathers and it is also available in 30 different kinds of colors, which guarantees that no matter the color of your shoes, this product has that color available.

Please find below the most popular shoe cream polish for kids and adult shoes. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

I have tested this product at the children’s shoe store that I work for, and I can guarantee you that is the best shoe polish cream in the market. Parents love it and are amazed by how easy this product goes on and makes the shoes shine up beautifully. It will make your expensive loafers look like new again, and helps keep them looking good longer by repelling water spots. This shoe polish product has the most positive reviews by consumers.

What Makes this Product So Special? It Is Not Only for Shoes!

I also love how versatile this product is since you can use it for many other things besides your shoes, such as your wallet, handbag, suitcase, pursues, leather furniture, and many more… However, never apply it to an item that you are not 100% sure about, please ask me or do some research before applying it.

This shoe polish is also good for removing dirt, stains and the old built-up polish from leather. The leather shoe will not be able to breathe as well when extra layers of polish build-up, which leads to perspiration breaking down the leather.

Another advantage of this product is that it has every color available you might think of!


The Best Shoe Polish Brand – Common Questions from Parents 

  • What is the difference between the white and the neutral color?

Neutral is the color for light colored shoes. It doesn’t apply color but cleans and conditions any leather color. Neutral is great if you don’t want to order a bunch of different colors.

  • How do I apply the cream?

The first step is to wipe off all loose dirt with a dry cloth. If you have to remove dirt with water, be sure to let the leather thoroughly dry before applying.

The second step is to rub this polish in and let it sit for 10 minutes.

The third step is to lightly buff to the desired shine with a clean soft rag.

  • Can I use this product on my leather furniture?

Yes! It brings the leather back to life, covers the small age cracks and lasts about 1 year.

The Best Shoe Polish Product for Kids and Their Parents!

Consider getting this shoe polish cream to increase the life span of your kids’ and your shoes. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to take care of your kids’ shoes; this shoe polish cream is all you need to care for your own and your kids’ dress shoes.

Give your kids and your shoes new life!

Have you used this product before? Is there another shoe polish brand you might recommend? Please share your experiences below so we can all benefit from them!

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12 Comments on The Best Shoe Polish Brand – Perfect for Kids and Adult Shoes

  1. Hello there,

    I have been looking at different products but I wasn’t sure which one to buy.The Meltonian cream is now on of my shopping list as I own a number of leather shoes and a wallet which is in leather. So, maintenance is a prime reason to get this cream. Just a question, does the corrected steps you provide applied to other items such as handbags and household sofas?

    • Hello Tar,

      I have tried several different shoe polish creams, and the Meltonian is the best one by far. While I have only tried the cream for leather shoes, I read that it works in several other items such as handbags and furniture. You should follow the same steps as when applying it in a shoe.

  2. This is the most informative piece I’ve ever read on shoe polish! lol

    On a serious note, I just polished 2 pairs of my black shoes. I never tried to distinguish from one brand to the other, but clearly I need to do more research and try different ones.

    I’m actually due for more shoe polish soon, and I am definitely getting your recommendation! Thanks man!

  3. Juan,

    You pointed out the exact problems that I have been experiencing with the shoe polish I use. I have ruined two brand new pair of shoes for work now, because of the effects that the shoe polish did to them. I am definitely going to try the Meltonian brand and see if I get any better results!

    Thank you for the help you have provided me in this article! You may have just saved me from buying another pair of shoes for work!


    • You won’t have to worry about color discoloration from this shoe polish brand! STOP ruining your shoes! I have tested this product and it works wonders!

  4. Hi Juan
    I will definitely give this shoe polish cream a try – as I do trust your opinion and experience. One question – it is also suitable for suede leather or is there some other product that should be used for suede leather shoes (and boots)?
    When reading reviews on Amazon, I see that one person mentions that the quality of this shoe cream has changed since Meltonian is owned by SC Johnson Wax and that comment was added on July, 2016 – have you felt the change?

    • Arta,

      This shoe polish remains the number one choice for polishing and taking care of your kids’, or your own shoes. We still have the same exact shoe polish at the store and parents come back to get.The quality is still there.

  5. There is a lot of good brands of shoe polish. The thing I found in the US Army was to buy polish to fit what your shoes were going to going against. The best thing that you can do when you have a new pair of boots or shoes is to soak them with water and wear them until they dry. I used this method all the time for new real leather boots. Once they dry use a great shoe polish and that will help protect the leather.

    🙂 Heather

  6. I had previoulsy used this product on my own shoes and I love the results they provide. Definitely one of the best shoe polish brands in the market. Is Amazon the cheapest place to get it and do they charge extra for shipping costs? Please let me know since I want to get one.


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