Fitting Children's Shoes

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  1. These shoes are for myself. I am an older adult with a kids size foot. I have had bunion surgery on my left foot but not on my right foot. The pain was excrusating, by far the most pain I have experienced. I need a comfortable tennis shoe.

    1. Hello Nita,

      To recommend specific tennis shoes for your feet I first need to know your foot shape (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide), the shoe size that you wear, as well as the country that you are contacting me to check what specific shoes you might be able to order.

  2. Hello, I hope you can help us. My neice wears braces and her doctor told us to purchase size 3 shoe and he can spray them but that still didn’t work. Rough now she only wears sneakers and we need to find her sandals and hard shoes she can wear worth her braces.

    Can you suggest any stores on line or in person? She lives in Phoenix, AZ.

    1. Hello Lauren,

      To recommend specific sandals for your child I first need to know his/her foot shape (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide), and the country you are contacting me from to check what specific sandals you will be able to order.

  3. My child measures 8 inches: however when we go into the department store he measures at a size 3 in the store. I want to order him a certain pair of Tsukihoshi shoes and want to order the correct size. Size 3.5 or size 2???

    1. Hello Shanna,

      Based on the measurements provided (8 inches), your son should wear a shoe size 2.5 to allow for the correct amount of growing room. If you are looking to buy a pair of Tsukihoshi shoes, I suggest getting the shoe size 2 as their shoes fit long.

  4. I need for you to list babies shoes. For 12 months old. I don’t see any of that on your site. I also don’t see the names of these shoes in order to buy them. I would appreciate it if you would help me out with that. Have a blessed day. Debbie Carter

  5. Hi! So appreciate this info for a mom of child with Metatarsis adductus. We are looking for a summer sneaker and wondered if all new balance have the features you suggest, including the breathable lightweight ones on their site. It’s hard to tell from their description online. Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful information you provide! And for answering questions so thoroughly!! I know I can speak for many who appreciate this site and your expertise so very much.

    1. Hello Ingrida,

      I am not a medical professional, but you should definitely get a second opinion as toe walking beyond the age of 3 is not normal. Has your medical professional tell you whether your son’s toe walking is due to a neurological or neuromuscular condition?

  7. Hi Juan. I ordered the blue/yellow measuring device from Amazon. I was trying to use the measuring device printed from stride rite’s site for school shoes. That was difficult to use and her ball of foot width was 23cm- that didnt tell me much other than what i already know. My daughter has a wide foot and is very difficult when it comes to shoes. She goes to catholic school and I have ordered her the Claire from SR because they have wide.since we don’t have shoe stores around anymore to measure or have the widths available, I broke down and bought the device. My mom actually ordered wide soccer shoes for her after reading your site . Her measurement was arch length 3.5 and shoe size 4 with a width b. My other daughter was actually measuring the same but her width was a. What does b and a mean regarding width? Can you recommend any companies other than sr.

    1. Hello Cristina,

      As far as width concerns, “a” means narrow and “b” means medium. Keep in mind that the Brannock Device doesn’t measure instep height (total foot volume of the foot). I created a free resource that will help you determine your daughter’s foot length, width, and instep height: How to Measure Your Kids’ Foot – 2 Simple Steps to Determine Foot Length and Foot Width

      if your daughter has wide feet, you can look for Hush Puppies and School Issue in addition to Stride Rite.

  8. Hi,
    Looking for your assistance to find shoes for my son who is 9 and have a flat foot. Please let me know how to proceed further

  9. I hope and pray I have found salvation here…
    Being a little person with small feet like a child, and wide feet like an adult, makes life extremely difficult. I’m hoping to find shoes here at your site. Once upon a time I had found one pair of shoes at an orthotic website that I could wear. Three years ago they stopped making that shoe and I cannot find anything comparable that is comfortable. Since it was a Mary Jane type shoe, orthotic, extra wide, in a youth child’s size, I am hoping to find a shoe that fits here. I look forward to working with you and hope to post a positive outcome once I give these shoes a try.

    1. Hello Sandra,

      I am happy to help you find the correct types of shoes for your feet. There are some Mary Jane children’s shoes that provide extra depth, rounded toe-boxes, and they are also available in extra wide widths (XW). Are you looking for a Mary Jane type of shoe or a sneaker?

      It would be helpful to know your exact foot length so I can start researching what styles are available in your size.

      If you are unsure of your exact foot length and shape please follow the instructions on this article: How to Measure Your Kids’ Foot – 2 Simple Steps to Determine Foot Length and Foot Width

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  11. I need help with my sons ankles.
    They are extremely pronated. He
    Has been to several pediatricians and they all claim that there is nothing to be done. I am relying on good shoes now to help.

  12. Hi there
    My daughter is 2years 2 months. She looks like she has knock knees. I’m trying to find a good shoes which can help. Can you please suggest me. Her size is Euro 23.

    1. Hello Ashika,

      I am happy to help. I need a little more information before I can recommend specific shoes for your daughter. Do you know if your daughter’s feet are narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide? Is your daughter flat footed? This will help me determine what shoes your daughter can wear. If you are unsure of your daughter’s foot shape please follow the instructions on this article:

      How to Measure Your Kids’ Foot – 2 Simple Steps to Determine Foot Length and Foot Width

  13. You are an absolute Godsend. You have no idea how much we’ve struggled with this issue. Thank you so much, sir. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve shared several of your links with a fb group of parents of special needs kids who will also be extremely grateful. The url is below. Thank you again.

      1. Hi my son is almost 4 I noticed he gas a flat feet, his foot narrow flat and bendy I’M really concerned my daughter had a flat feet and still is she is 17 know the doctors always said she will grow out of it but is more bendy then
        it was. I didn’t know anything about flat feet back then. please let me know where I can find those shoes.

        1. Hello Maryan,

          To recommend specific shoes for your son I first need to know the shoe size that he wears and the country that you are contacting me from to check what shoes you might be able to order.

          1. He is size10 almost . I’m contacting you you from UK. I also need shoes insoles please,thanks