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Videos – Fitting Children’s Shoes Made Easy


How to Measure Kids’ Feet from Home – Watch Video!

I developed the most effective way to determine your child’s exact foot size from your home and will personally assist you with a custom fitting tailored to your child’s individual needs.

This easy-to-follow method allows parents to accurately determine their child’s correct foot length and width, as well as instep height.


How to Fit Orthotics Inside Your Kids’ Shoes – Watch Video!

Has your child been diagnosed with flat feet, overpronation, or rolled ankles? Has your physical or occupational therapist recommended that your child wears a pair of orthotics inside the shoes?

There are only a few shoes that are compatible with your children’s orthotics and if you don’t choose the correct type of shoe you will decrease the efficiency of the orthotics.


How to Tie Shoes with Orthotics – Watch Video!

Did you know that the way that you tie your kid’s shoelaces has a direct impact in determining the benefits that they will get from the shoes and the orthotics that they wear?

Tying your kids’ shoes properly is the only way to make sure that your child gets the full benefits that the shoes and orthotics have to offer.


Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet – Watch Video!

This video shows how shoes can improve a child’s walking gait and overall posture.

The shoes describe in the video can significantly reduce or fully eliminate your child’s foot pain from being flat footed, It’s amazing what a difference the correct pair of shoes can make for a flat footed child!


Best Shoes for Kids with Pronation – Watch Video!

We all have a certain degree of pronation, but when it’s excessive that’s when most problems occur.

Let me help you visualize how the correct type of shoes can help treat and prevent your child’s overpronation.


Please let me know if there is a video you would like me to create about a specific foot condition or foot shape.


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

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