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Wide Soccer Cleats For Kids – The Best Wide And Extra Wide Soccer Cleats For Children!

Wide Soccer Cleats

Do you have a child with wide or extra wide feet that likes to play soccer? Have you been looking for a pair of soccer cleats that come in wide or extra wide widths? Most parents don’t know that soccer cleats for children with wide or extra wide feet do EXIST. There is actually one soccer shoe style that will fit children with wide or extra wide feet, and I will show it to you in this post.

I have been fitting children’s shoes and orthotics for ten years at a premier children’s shoe store specializing in proper fit for over forty years. We specialize in children with foot and leg problems, but we provide regular shoe fitting as well. It’s important for us to carry top quality shoes that are available in different widths, since that’s the only way we can guarantee to FIT every single child.

I know how important is to provide children with the correct pair of shoes and I am always emphasizing to parents the importance of providing their children with the correct pair of shoes. I want you to remember this: It doesn’t matter how wide or how narrow your child’s feet are, there is always at least one shoe style that will fit the shape of his or her feet perfectly and I will help you find it.

In order for your child to get all the benefits that the soccer cleat has to offer you must provide him or her with the correct shoe size (and by this I mean the correct shoe length and the correct show width).

I can guarantee you that a cleat that is too short, too long, or too narrow, will have a direct impact on how your child performs on the field. I have played soccer before in cleats that were too narrow and it leads to blisters, calluses, and corns. What’s even worse, I wasn’t able to play for a couple of consecutive days because of my foot issues.

If you are not sure whether your child is wearing the correct shoe size or not, START by reading a post I wrote where I describe how to make sure you provide your child with the correct shoe size:

How To Measure Kids Shoe Size From Home – In Less Than 30 Seconds!

When playing soccer or any other sport, children are stressing out their feet and legs more since they are running faster and engaging in more strenuous activities. I have had several cases of children having knee pain and leg pain after playing soccer, and most of the time this is simply due to them not wearing the correct pair of cleats.

In this post I will describe the best soccer cleats for kids with wide or extra wide feet.

Children Soccer Cleats

STOP Buying Cleats That Are Too Long – Get Them Right!

The most common mistake parents make when buying their soccer cleats for their children with wide or extra wide feet is to get them too long in order to compensate for the width. I have spoken with several parents that explained me that because they weren’t aware that soccer cleats came in different widths, they kept trying longer sizes until the child will stop complaining.

Have you ever tried walking or running in shoes that were too long? You will feel unstable and your foot will move too much inside the shoes creating a constant friction between your feet and the shoes. This is exactly how your child will feel, and that constant friction will leads to blisters, calluses, and corns.

By providing your child with a pair of wide or extra wide cleats, you won’t have to get the cleats too long and you will be keeping your kids’ feet healthy.

When Should I Provide My Child With Soccer Cleats?

I believe that there is not a set age to start wearing cleats. Whether your child is ready to wear a pair of soccer cleats will depend on the size and weight of your child, and their muscle development should also be taken into consideration.

Sneakers with soles that provide good traction are a better choice for young children. Having young children wear cleats when he/she is not ready might increase their risk of injury.

The best way to figure this out is to ask your son’s coach, since he or she will be able tell you when your child is ready to start wearing cleats.

Please take into consideration that children without cleats tend to slip and fall specially when the grass is wet.

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Soccer Cleats For Wide And Extra Wide Feet – The Secret Revealed!

Have you ever heard of the shoe brand named Zephz? This is the shoe company that makes soccer and baseball cleats that comes in wide and extra wide widths. This is the number 1 cleat I recommend for children that have wide or extra wide feet. I have fitted this shoe at the children’s shoe store that I work for, and I can guarantee that it will even fit the widest feet out there.

The new style that was released in 2018 fits and looks better than the previous one. The cleat also comes with extra shoe laces that come with different colors, so your child can match them up with their favorite colors or team jersey.

Below you can find the best soccer cleat for children with wide or extra wide feet!

This cleat fits “true to size”, so whatever size your child measures in the shoe measuring device (Brannock device), go a half a size longer in order to leave the proper amount of growing room.

I have noticed lately how fashion oriented and expensive sneakers and cleats have become the trend for some children (specially as they get older). But in order to keep your kid’s feet healthy, providing them with the correct shoe size and the correct shoe style is more important than the price tag or brand name.

As your kids get older, they will start asking their parents for more popular brands such as Adidas or Nike. Please use your best judgment and keep reminding your children why it is important to wear cleats that fit.

If your child is somehow serious about playing soccer, please note that it’s almost impossible to learn proper form in sneakers, due to the simple fact that most sneakers have a wedge. Grab a pair of cleats and notice how they are generally flat. When the coach says is the right time to wear soccer cleats, go ahead and provide your child with a pair of well fitted soccer cleats.

Soccer Socks For Kids – Prevent Blisters, Calluses, And Corns!

Did you know that blisters are common in children who engage in soccer no matter the level they are playing? Blisters can develop not only from wearing the wrong shoe size, but also from wearing socks that don’t provide enough cushion.

Always check your kids’ feet to make sure they don’t develop any blisters, specially on the back of the heel and bottom of the foot. Blisters form due to the repeated friction that occurs between the feet and the cleats, which causes the layers of skin to separate from each other.

Soccer socks are important because they are meant to protect your kids’ feet against irritation and infection. Most parents believe that the main purpose of soccer socks is to hold the shin guards in place but that’s not correct. The primary role of soccer socks is to protect the feet from the cleat itself, without compromising the fit of the cleat.

Here you can find a selection of the best children’s soccer socks:

Now that you know which are the best soccer cleats for children with wide or extra wide feet and which socks will keep their feet healthy, you are ready to make the most informative decision!

PREVENT your children from developing blisters, calluses, and corns by providing them with the correct pair of soccer cleats and with socks that properly fit.

Have you ever tried this soccer cleat style for your child before? Do you have a children’s shoe store in your area that you trust? Please let us know where you are located since parents are always asking me if I know about good children’s shoe stores in their particular area and will find your information extremely helpful!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

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  1. These Zephz cleats work great. Our son loves the cool designs and colors, and it’s a relief to finally find some soccer cleats that fit his super wide feet.

    • Hello Britney,

      Most parents are not aware that soccer cleats for kids with wide or extra wide feet actually exist, and they end up fitting their children in soccer shoes that are too narrow and cramp their kids’ toes. This can lead to several foot issues such as blisters, calluses, and corns. I am glad that they worked out for your son!

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