Best Narrow Slip-On Shoes for Kids – Narrow Toe-Boxes and Narrow Heel Counters!

Do you have a child with narrow feet and you always have a hard time finding slip-on shoes that fit? Does every single slip-on shoe style that you try slip right off your child’s feet? I know which are the best narrow slip-on shoes for kids from having fitted them before.

Finding a pair of slip-on shoes for a child with narrow feet can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. I have been contacted by several families who have tried several different pairs of slip-on shoes and can’t seem to find a single style that fits.

The main reason why it’s so hard to find a pair of slip-on shoes for a child with narrow feet is that the shoes don’t come with a velcro strap to hold the child’s feet in place, so the child’s heels end up slipping out of the shoes.

If you are in a rush, you can go directly to the selection of the best narrow slip-on shoes for kids.

What Makes the Slip-On Shoes I Recommend Effective for Narrow Feet?

There are 2 key features that your child’s slip-on shoes must provide:

1️⃣ Narrow Heel Counters: This feature helps prevent your child’s heels from coming out of the shoes.

2️⃣ Narrow Toe-Boxes: This feature makes your child’s slip-on shoes fit the shape of your child’s narrow feet better.

Take a look at the image below to see the difference in heel counters and toe-boxes between two slip-on shoes that are the same length and width. Do you notice how the slip-on shoe on the right is a lot narrower compared to the slip-on shoe on the left?


The issue is that children’s shoes don’t come labeled with a “narrow heel counter” or with a “narrow toe-box”, so parents don’t know how to find them.

The good news is that I know exactly which slip-on shoes provide these 2 features from having fitted them before. I will show you a selection of the best narrow slip-on shoes for kids, but first I want to make sure that you know your child’s exact foot size. If you are not 100% sure of your child’s foot size, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money by having to constantly return the shoes.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

To figure out your child’s foot size, I always recommend parents take their children to their local shoe store to be fitted for shoes, so let’s start by making sure that you don’t have a good-fitting children’s shoe store in your area. While most specialized children’s shoe stores have been closing down, there are still certain stores that do a great job fitting children’s shoes. I created a resource that showcases the best-fitting children’s shoe stores by state.

If after looking at that resource you still can’t seem to find a store in your area, then take a look at another article I wrote where I describe how to figure out your toddler’s foot size in 2 simple steps from home.

Now that you know your exact foot size from home, you are ready to see a selection of the best narrow slip-on shoes for kids. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases. This allows us to create free content and resources for many families around the world. 

The Best Narrow Slip-On Shoes for Kids 

Take a look at the description below each shoe to find out the materials the shoes are made of and the size you should order to allow for the correct amount of growing room.

These are the narrowest slip on-shoes that I have fitted before. Please make sure to provide your child with a certain amount of growing room — 3/16 of an inch or 0.4 centimeters — between your child’s longest toe and the end of the shoes. This usually translates to half a size longer in terms of shoe size.

What Can You Do If the Shoes Are Still Too Wide for Your Child’s Feet?

If after trying these slip-on shoes the shoes still feel too wide for your child’s feet, then there is another method we can try to make the shoes fit the shape of your child’s narrow feet. Have you ever heard about shoe tongue pads?

Tongue pads are adhesive-backed pads that are placed in the tongue of the shoes and they work in all enclosed shoes. In addition, tongue pads are extremely effective for children with narrow feet because they prevent heel slippage by snugging up a loose-fitting shoe. While they are used for several different reasons, tongue pads are known for keeping the foot from sliding forward and keeping the heel from slipping

All that you need to do is place the tongue pad below the tongue of the shoe as shown in the image below:

If you want to learn more about how effective tongue pads are and where to get them for the best price, please refer to that article.

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available?

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my email if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of narrow shoes for your child.

Now that you know which are the best slip-on shoes for kids with narrow feet and which tongue pads to use in case the shoes are still too wide, you are ready to make the most informed decision.