Fitting Children's Shoes

Is Your Child Refusing to Keep the Shoes On? – Let’s Stop the Struggle!

I have been contacted by several families who struggle every single time they have to put their kids’ shoes on. The first reaction children have is pulling their shoes off and refusing to put them back on again. Is your child refusing to keep the shoes on? I will show you the 3 most common reasons […]

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Why Won’t My Child Keep his Shoes On? – Stop the Constant Battle!

Did you know that the number one reason why children won’t keep their shoes on is that the shoes that they are wearing are either too narrow or too short? When kids start pulling their shoes off it’s time to check what might be wrong with the shoes. One of the most common questions parents ask me at […]

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Shoes that Toddlers Can’t Take Off – Prevent Your Toddler from Removing the Shoes

Do you have a toddler who is constantly removing his or her shoes? Are you wondering whether your toddler is doing this as a sign of protest or simply out of boredom? I have been fitting children’s shoes for many years, and now I dedicate myself to helping families from all over the world find […]

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