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Kids Sneakers For Sale – How To Choose The Best Quality Ones!

Children Shoes On Sale

Have you ever wondered why a shoe goes on sale? Do you think it’s because the shoe is an older style or because it has a fitting problem? It can be any of those two alternatives or a combination of both.

Now, there is nothing wrong with providing your child with an older shoe style, the issue comes when that particular shoe style has a fitting problem. So… how do you know when a shoe that is on sale has a fitting problem?

Well… there is no actual way to figure this out, unless you are shoe fitter who is constantly trying and fitting new shoes.

Realistically, there is probably no actual way for you to know, but I have been working for a specialized children’s shoe store for over 10 years now and I know everything that relates to kids’ shoes and the way they fit.

Finding the correct shoe style for your child is just the first step when it comes to keeping your kids’ feet healthy. The second step is to make sure that particular shoe style is going to fit the shape of your kids’ feet perfectly. So please don’t get too excited when you see a kids shoe style at a very low price, as you first must make sure the shoe is available in different widths in case your child has wide or extra wide feet.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how well-made, supportive, and flexible the shoes are, if the shoes are not fitted properly, your child won’t get any of the benefits the shoe has to offer.

Did you know that the type of shoes that you provide for your kids can be a direct cause for their foot and leg problems? Shoes play a huge role when it comes to keeping your kids’ feet and legs healthy, and choosing the correct shoe style is going to end up saving you a lot of money in the future.

Kids feet grow petty fast, and sometimes it’s hard for parents to keep up with them. Finding a shoe on sale makes a huge difference, but we never want to compromise our kids comfort.

In this post, I will describe the best kids’ sneakers for sale that are flexible, provide good support, and are available in different widths such as narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide.

Kids Shoes On Sale

Buying Your Kids Shoes On Sale – Be Cautious!

Like I mentioned before, buying shoes on sale is a great way to save money, specially when we are talking about growing children that keep outgrowing their shoes every 3 ½ to 4 months.

You should never compromise the health and comfort of your kids’ feet and legs, and always make sure that your child is not wearing ill-fitting shoes or shoes that don’t provide the correct amount of support. In my experience, most of the time when a shoe goes on sale it’s because there is a fitting problem.


There is a small selection of shoes that go on sale just because that particular shoe style is a little older. These are the type of shoes that you want to look for your kids! There is a particular selection of shoes made by Saucony (these shoes will fit kids with medium, wide, and extra wide feet) and Asics (these shoes will fit kids with narrow feet) that the company makes every year, and once the new styles get released, the previous style prices drop drastically.

Those are the types of shoes I will describe below!

Kids Shoes For School

Sale Shoes For Kids – What’s The Best Place To Buy Them?

I always recommend parents to take their kids to their local children’s shoe store, where a shoe fitter can properly measure your kids’ feet and find shoes that fit accordingly. Don’t shy away from telling your shoe fitter you are looking for shoes in a certain price range, since you will end up making the whole buying process much easier.

The issue is that most parents don’t have a local children’s shoe store in their area that they can trust. For those parents, I will describe a selection of the best fitting quality shoes for kids that are also on sale.

The best place to buy your kids shoes online is Amazon, as I have found that they have the best selection of shoes when it comes to finding previous styles. I actually wrote a post where I describe why I believe Amazon is the best place to buy your kids shoes:

Kids Shoes On Amazon – Is Amazon The Best Place To Buy Your Kids’ Shoes?

There is a particular shoe style made by Saucony called the “Saucony Baby Ride”. This is one of the best shoe styles that Saucony has ever made for kids. The shoe is made of high quality materials, breathable, supportive, durable and flexible. What’s even better, the shoe is available in different widths such as medium, wide, and extra wide.

Saucony keeps making the same shoe style year after year, as it’s one of parents favorites. This means that we can easily find the previous shoe style for a much lower price. So, let’s take a peek at Amazon prices for this particular shoe style.

The FIRST Example!

The first picture describes the new style of the Saucony baby ride which retails for 44 dollars.

Saucony Shoes For Boys

The second picture showcases the same Saucony baby ride shoe style but an older style, and we can see that reflected on the price of the shoe, but not in the features that the shoe has to offer. The shoe retails for a price of 35 dollars! Now, keep in mind that for the quality and all of the features this particular shoe style has to offer that is an excellent price.

Saucony Baby Ride For Boys

The SECOND Example!

There is another great shoe style for kids but made by Asics and it’s similar to the “Saucony Baby Ride” since it’s made of high quality materials, offers great support, its flexible and durable.

This shoe is also available in a medium width only and if your child has really narrow feet, you should go for this shoe style instead of the Saucony one.

Now, let’s take a peak of the prices for the Asics Pre-contend shoe style at Amazon.

The first picture describes the new style of the Asics Pre-contend shoe which retails for 50 dollars.

Asics Shoes For Girls

The second picture displays the same Asics Pre-contend shoe style but an older style. Notice how this shoe style retails for a total of 36 dollars! Again, same features, but at a much lower price!

Asics Shoes For Girls

I hope these examples help clarify what I meant by getting good, quality shoes for your children at the best price by simply providing them with an older shoe style! These are great shoe styles that provide all the features your child needs in order to keep his and her feet and legs healthy, and they are ON SALE!

The Best Kids Shoe Styles On Sale ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Below you can find a selection of the best shoe styles for children ON SALE that are made of great quality materials, provide good support and  are flexible and lightweight. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Toddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler ShoesToddler Shoes

In order to allow for growing room, I highly recommend that parents order this shoe style a whole size larger than the size their children’s feet measure. This translates to 0.6 inches or 1 centimeters of space between your child’s longest toe and the end of the shoes.

Never underestimate the importance of well fitting shoes! While we are always try to economize, when it comes to finding shoes for your kids, not providing them with good, quality shoes is just false economy. I have spoken with several parents that told me how they provide their children with hand-me-down shoes, and I explain why you should never do this in a post I wrote called:

Second Hand Shoes For Kids – Stop Hurting Your Child’s Feet

Second Hand Shoes Online

 Expensive Shoes Don’t Automatically Translate Into Better Shoes!

Just because a shoe costs more than others it doesn’t mean it’s going to be better for your child’s feet. In most cases, shoes that cost more are normally made out of better materials, offer better support for your kids feet, and are lightweight and flexible. However, there is no reason why you can’t find a pair of more reasonable priced shoes that will offer the same exact features.

For the most part, when a shoe is really cheap you must be extra cautious as it might mean that something is wrong with the shoe. For example, I am sure you can find cheaper shoes at places such as Walmart or Target, but those shoes are extremely poorly made.

I have helped parents that came with their kids wearing shoes from these stores and most of the time the shoes were not breathable, they were stiff, provided no traction, and I have seen some of these shoes made of plastic and cardboard,

So… while it’s understandable that parents want to save some money in their kids’ shoes, buying them these types of shoes is going to end up costing you so much more in the future. You can really create several foot issues such as blisters, calluses, and corns (they are very hard to get rid of), or bigger issues such as arch, ankle, and leg pain.

Do you know of a particular kids shoe style that is on sale and it’s still made out of high quality materials? Do you normally buy your kids shoes on sale? Please share your thoughts and experiences below so other families can benefit from them.


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