Lacing Running Shoes for Narrow Feet – How to Make the Shoes Fit and Feel Better!

Do you feel like every single shoe style that you try for your children’s feet is too wide and gaps too much around their ankles? Do your children complain about their heels coming up and down their shoes as they walk and run? How you decide how to tie your kids’ shoes has a direct impact on keeping their feet and legs healthy.

Did you know that to get the full benefits that the shoes have to offer – such as support and stability you must tie them properly? Shoes that are tied properly often provide better support to your kids’ feet, prevent injuries such as ankle sprains, and the formation of blisters, calluses, and corns. Properly lacing your kids’ shoes also provides them with better stability when they walk and run.

As I have been fitting children’s shoes for such a long time, I have learned every single lacing technique that exists, and they range from teaching children the simplest way to tie their shoes to teaching them how to tie shoes for their narrow, wide, or extra wide feet.

When parents bring their children with narrow feet to the shoe store, my first question to them is: Are they ready to learn how to tie their shoes?

I have noticed how shoes that come with shoelaces for children with narrow feet make a tremendous difference in the way shoes fit and feel.

Let me show you the simplest, yet most effective way to lace kids’ running shoes for narrow feet. This shoe-lacing technique will push your kids’ heels back, supporting and securing them against the back of the shoes, and eliminate any extra space around their ankles.

Lacing Running Shoes for Narrow Feet

1️⃣ First Step

Start by lacing the shoes as you would normally do but when you get to the top leave the two eyelets (shoe holes) open as shown in the picture below:

2️⃣ Second Step

Lace the shoelaces through the top hole first as shown in the picture below:

3️⃣ Third Step

Go through the two holes that you left open as shown in the picture below:

You are all set up! This simple method will make a tremendous difference in how your kids’ shoes fit and feel by pushing your kids’ heels back and securing them against the back of the shoes. You can even try this method in your shoes to see how it feels and the difference it makes.

Now that you know how to tie shoes for kids with narrow feet, you can keep their feet and legs healthy by preventing foot injuries.

What Are Good Shoelaces for Kids?

I have found a set of shoelaces that are durable and ideal for running shoes as they tend to stay on better than other types of laces. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

What Shoelace Size Should You Order?

Count how many eyelets (shoe holes) your child’s shoes have and order the laces based on that number:

Please always remind your children to loosen the shoelaces before they put their shoes on, especially if they have narrow heels. The main reason for this is that when children shove their feet inside the shoes without unlacing the shoes, they stretch out and soften the heel counter of the shoe, making the shoes less supportive and wider around the heel area.

Have you ever tried this shoe-lacing technique before? Are you familiar with a good lacing technique for kids with narrow feet? Please share your thoughts and experiences below so other parents can benefit from them.