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Socks For Wide Feet – The Best Wide Socks For Kids

Best Socks For Kids

Does your child complain about his socks being too tight on their feet?  Are they always saying that they feel too tight and bumpy? Is there such thing as a sock that fits wide feet? Did you know that getting the right type of sock size and style is just as important as getting the right shoe size for your child?

The type of sock that you get for your child will make all the difference in the way your kids’ shoes feel! I have been working for a specialized children’s shoe store for over 6 years now and parents always ask me if I know about a certain type of sock that will fit their kids’ wide or extra wide feet!

Are your kid’s feet too wide to fit in the average sized socks? Do all the socks you put on them feel too tight around their toes and calves? You can STOP worrying! I will unveil the most popular wide socks for kids’ that are especially designed for kids with bigger and wider feet!

Several parents have approached me, explaining how their child tends to complain about their socks all the time! Have you heard your child complain about any of the following about the socks he wears…?

They’re too thick!

They’re too bumpy!

The seams bug me!

hey’re too tight!

Wearing tight socks can hinder your kids daily life activities and can cause them discomfort when walking or playing. Allow me to introduce you to socks that are made of a very flexible and stretchy material that are also seamless. A seamless sock allows for the toes to freely move and prevents them from overlapping with each other.  I will describe the  most popular wide socks designed for children!

Seamless Socks For Kids

The Perfect Socks For Your Child – It All Starts With The Right Size

Do you usually have trouble finding the perfect sock size for your child? Remember, getting a sock that is too long will bunch up behind your kids’ feet and cause them discomfort. On the other hand, getting a sock that is too short will cramp their toes and again, cause discomfort and pain! The first step in finding the right sock size is NOT guiding yourself by the part of the label of the sock package that says “sock size” or the “age” of the child. Simply look under “shoe size” in the socks tag and that will describe the size that your child needs!

I won’t go into too much detail about how to find the correct sock size for your child in this post, but I wrote another post where I explain exactly how to get the correct sock size. You can find that post here:

 The Importance Of Wearing Socks – Grippers Or No Grippers?

Finding Wide Socks For Kids – The Secret Revealed!

Now that you know how to choose  the correct sock size, you are a step closer to STOPPING your child from complaining about his socks! If your child always complains about his socks feeling too tight, they probably have wide or extra wide feet. These are the two bestselling socks for children. Kids with wide feet often face issues while wearing socks as these always tend to cramp their toes!

Keeping this in mind, there are certain sock brands and styles that have been especially tailored to fit children with wide feet. Two of the best sock companies that sell socks that will fit your children’s wide or extra wide feet are Jeffrey and Naartjie. Besides the fact that they will fit wide feet, they are also seamless, which means they allow your kids toes to fully stretch and move!

The Best Socks For Kids

A seamless sock is great especially for a child that might have sensory issues! Did you know that there are certain shoes specially designed for children with sensory issues? I describe the best shoes for a child with sensory issues here:

Shoes For Kids With Sensory Issues – Let’s Find Some Magical Shoes!

Back to the socks! The extra room that a seamless sock provides prevents your kids’ toes from overlapping or rubbing against each other. Whether you need these socks to be colorful or come in dull colors, they are readily available for your child! Made out of an amalgam of strong fabric composed of 70% Cotton, 27% Polyester and 3% Spandex, these socks are very soft and have the perfect combination to guarantee  your kids’ comfort!

Below you can find a selection of the BEST socks for children with wide or extra wide feet!

Another great feature of these socks is that you can throw them in the washing machine and not have to worry about the color fading or the socks shrinking! Unlike ordinary socks, which lose their quality and tend to shrink a few washings, these socks are resistant to wear and tear. At the kids’ shoe store that I work for, we sell these socks all the time and children stop complaining about their socks feeling too tight or too bumpy!

These socks, with their unique and colorful designs, are not only going to steal your kid’s heart from the very start, but they will provide exceptional comfort. These socks have been specially designed to appeal to a kid’s aesthetic sense and choice in mind. You can totally rely on the high quality material of these socks as they are made out of a unique combination of different durable materials. Try these socks for your child! You will be amazed with how well they fit!

The two sock brands that I recommend fit wider than the rest of the socks, but they don’t actually come in wider widths. It is hard to believe that more sock companies do not make wide socks for kids, yet they do make them for adults! If you or your husband have wider feet, you should consider getting a pair for yourselves and you will see the tremendous difference it will make! Another advantage is that the are all made in the USA!

Are you looking for a pair of wide winter socks for yourself? I wrote an article where I describe the best winter socks for women with wide feet and you can find that article here:

The Best Women’s Winter Socks for Wide Feet – Seamless, Warm, and Affordable!

   The Best Socks For Wide Feet – STOP Your Child From Complaining!

Wearing the right type of socks is essential for our kids to be comfortable. Socks play a key role in healthy foot development, as big of a rule as the shoes themselves.  If your kid has wide feet and often faces issues in finding comfortable socks to wear, then consider purchasing a pair of socks that will fit your children’s wide feet. Offering something out-of-box for the customers and coming in amazing quality, both of the socks reviewed are not only reliable but will be a source of comfort for your kid as well!

Parents always have a hard time finding wide socks for their kids and it is an arduous task since most companies simply don’t make them.  Consider picking up a pair of wide socks that will not only be a perfect fit for your kid but will also match your kid’s tastes!

Your child will STOP fussing and complaining after wearing these shoes! GUARANTEED!

If your kid has wide feet and you have found a pair of socks that are wide enough, please share your findings in the comment section below so we can all benefit from your experiences!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

14 Comments on Socks For Wide Feet – The Best Wide Socks For Kids

  1. Socks for kids with wide feet is an important subject. I have never seen an article written about it. The content is nicely written and informative, and I beleive most parents will benefit from reading this. How can I help you spread the word about this article? This is a site to really be proud pf, thank you for doing this.

    • Karen,

      Thank you, I believe most parents that come across my website leave more informed about the importance of fitting their children shoes. That’ the whole goal of the website, to inform parents about the importance that shoes play in their children healthy feet, leg, and back. If you can share the article in social media it will definitely reach more people.

  2. These sound great, and I kind of wish I’d known about these when my daughter was younger. Her feet are growing into a more usual width now she is twelve. But she has been one of those unlucky kids that can only choose from a limited range of school shoes due to the width of her feet. Socks are the same! These seamless ones sound ideal. I have one question – do you know if there are adult versions available? My socks really annoy me inside tall boots, because the seam across the end of the toes either travels above or below where it’s meant to be and pulls on my feet! I find it really uncomfortable and end up pulling the sock out from my toes before I put my boots on, which isn’t a great solution either. Hope you can help.

    • Mara,

      I have met with a lot of parents who asked me if their kids’ feet will narrow down as they get older. I always tell them that they might, because I have helped several children who used to have extra wide feet, and they narrowed down to a regular wide or medium width foot. Some children feet tend to narrow down as they grow, while some of them might stay extra wide or wide forever.

      I don’t know if there are adult versions available, but what women shoe size do you wear? Did you know that a women shoe size 8.5 translates to a kids’ size 7? This means that you might not only be able to get children shoes, but children socks as well. Check where the tag of the socks has the sizing information: For example, in the back it will say “Fit shoe size: 12 – 4, or fit shoe size: 4-7”. Depending on the women shoe size that you wear, you will be able to get this kids’ seamless socks, and end up saving some money too! Let me know how it works out and if you have any other questions.

  3. I can’t possibly agree with you more that kids need to wear socks with their shoes! My kids have the ability to get new shoes and if they wear them even once without socks, the shoes begin to stink like they’re years old! Do you know of any ways of “unstinking” stinky shoes?

    • Pio,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. Yes, socks act as a barrier between our feet and the shoes, and they protect us from bacteria and foot infections. Like you mentioned before, socks will greatly reduce the smell of the shoes.

      There is a product I have used at the children shoe store I work for that helps removing the smell of the shoes, and also keeping them fresh. I wrote a post about it not too long ago: How To Stop Smelly Feet – Prevent Foot And Shoe Odor

      Let me know how it works out!

  4. Hello, I very much appreciated this subject matter as my son (7 years old) has wide feet and I am forever looking for comfortable socks (and shoes) for him. That being said, we do a lot of hiking, backpacking and rock climbing during the summer months. Do you know of any comfortable hiking socks that I may look at? He is a boys size 2 at the moment.

    • Andy,

      Finding shoes and socks for a child that has wide feet can be time consuming and frustrating. When hiking or rock climbing, it is really important to wear the right pair of shoes and the right pair of socks. Did you know they make hiking boots for children that have wide feet? Here is one example of a hiking boot for kids made by Merrell that comes in wide widths: Merrell Wide Hiking Boot

      When it comes to socks, there is a particular style specially for hiking that will fit a child with a wide foot. Parents love this socks and are amazed by how well made they are: The Best Hiking Socks For Kids

  5. Christmas break is coming soon though so I’m gonna see my daughter in a few more days. Her feet smell so bad when she takes her socks on that I make her wash her feet every time. It is quite a hassle since she doesn’t want to do it every time.

    Choosing the right kind of socks is very important because even us adults can get so uncomfortable if the socks we are wearing doesn’t fit properly.

    By the way, do you have recommendations for eliminating unpleasant smells from socks?

    • A lot of children suffer from smelly feet. I wouldn’t look too much into, but it all starts with wearing the right type of socks and shoes. You can probably benefit from reading a post I created about socks that allow the feet to breathe more: Seamless Socks For Kids – Stop The Struggle Of Putting Socks On!

      In order to remove the unpleasant smell from socks these must be washed thoroughly. However, the smell WILL come back if the socks are not made of a brethable material.

  6. Do you have any suggestions for toddlers with super wide ankles? All of the socks that fit my son’s feet are super tight on his tree-trunk ankles. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  7. My son has wide feet and wears a large size for his age. He’s four years old, and currently wears size 2 XW shoes. That said, he is outgrowing his Jefferies socks (which have been the BEST for us!). The Naartjie socks are way too small and tight. I don’t know what to do now. I can’t find any boys’ socks that fit him anymore. What is the next step? Men’s socks seem to be too big and too long, and the styles are generally inappropriate for my preschooler. Are there any men’s brands that fit the way Jefferies do, and maybe have some color? Thanks in advance!

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