Supportive Slippers for Kids – These Are the Best Slippers for Kids with Foot Problems

Do you have a child who is dealing with a foot condition such as flat feet, rolled ankles, high arches, or Sever’s disease? Do you want your child to wear a comfortable shoe around that house that is still going to support his or her feet? If your child is already wearing a pair of supportive sneakers and orthotics, don’t let that investment go to waste by having your child wear a pair of unsupportive shoes around the house.

Can Slippers Help Treat and Prevent Foot Pain?

Providing your child with a pair of supportive slippers will not cure your child’s foot condition, but it will certainly help prevent the condition from getting worse.

Keep in mind that the average child spends a considerable amount of time on their feet walking around the house in the morning and before going to bed. Just as you shouldn’t allow your child to run and jump around the playground in a pair of unsupportive shoes, you shouldn’t allow your child to run and jump around the house in a pair of unsupportive slippers.

Many medical professionals (physical and occupational therapists) refer children to the shoe store that I work for to be fitted for supportive shoes and depending on the degree of their foot condition, orthotics as well. Over the years I became familiar with the best shoes for kids with foot problems.

If you’re pressed for time, you can jump directly to the selection of supportive slippers for kids.

Can Children with Foot Problems Wear Slippers?

Yes, but they should wear their sneakers for most of the day. A lot of families want to give their children a break from the sneakers and orthotics by allowing them to wear a pair of more comfortable shoes inside of the house. This is where a pair of supportive slippers comes into play.

Even if you provide your children with a pair of supportive slippers you should limit the amount of time that they wear them (maximum of 5 hours a day). 

What Makes the Slippers that I Recommend Ideal for Kids with Foot Problems?

1️⃣ Supportive Outsole: Most slippers don’t provide any support whatsoever, but the styles that I recommend provide a direct-attach PU midsole for resilient, long-lasting cushioning and support. Take a look at the image below for better visualization purposes.

Do you notice how the slipper on the left has a more substantial and supportive outsole compared to the slippers on the right? I will provide you with a link to this slipper shortly.

The slippers that I recommend are supportive but lightweight and flexible at the same time to allow your child’s feet to move naturally with a stable base of support.

2️⃣ Secure Closure for Stability Purposes: The slippers that I recommend have a velcro closure across the instep which is going to help secure your child’s feet. This will provide your child with better support and stability.

Most slippers don’t come with velcro closure or shoelaces and it’s important that the slippers “hug” your child’s feet effectively in case your child has stability issues.

What Shoe Brands Manufacture Slippers with the 2 Features Above?

There are no shoe brands that manufacture orthopedic slippers for kids. The good news is that I came across a specific slipper style that provides excellent comfort and support, and that slipper is made by the shoe company Keen.

Let’s now take a look at the most supportive slippers for kids. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Supportive Slippers for Kids – Supportive Outsoles and Secure Closure

The slippers below can fit children with medium or wide feet and they are available in several color options so make sure to click through and see if they have your desired color.

What Shoe Size You Should Order?

I suggest ordering these slippers a half size larger than your child’s foot size, which translates to 3/16 of an inch or 0.4 centimeters of space between your child’s longest toe and the end of the shoes.

Another awesome feature that these slippers provide is that they come with a tongue-free design which makes them super comfortable and doesn’t irritate or rub at all. This is a huge plus for children with sensory issues or just those who are picky about comfort. Your child will also love how easy these slippers are to get on and off!

Are These Slippers Good for Stone and Wood Floors?

Yes, the outsole of these slippers is durable and provides excellent traction. These slippers are sturdy enough for a little outside time too, the thing is that most families don’t want the slippers to get dirty.

Unsure About What Slipper Shoe Size You Should Order?

You must know your child’s exact foot length and shape to order the correct shoe size online.

It’s a complete waste of time and money to buy shoes for your child that are the wrong size, as they won’t properly support your child’s feet and might end up creating foot issues such as blisters, corns, or ingrown toenails.

If you don’t have a local shoe store in your area you can use a free resource I created where I help families retrieve their child’s exact foot length and shape.

Are Any Other Slipper Choices Available?

The slippers that I recommended are the most supportive ones that I have fitted before. I have fitted several different types of slippers and did extensive research online and couldn’t find any slippers that were more supportive than the ones recommended above. If you need help finding a different type of shoe for your child, you can leave me a comment in the section below or send me an email to the address below:

[email protected]

Final Thoughts

Children who have foot issues can strongly benefit from wearing supportive shoes outside and inside of the house.

Finding a pair of shoes for a child who has foot issues requires time and experience. Parents of children with foot conditions must understand that their children cannot wear any shoe, especially if the child is experiencing foot or leg pain.

Providing your child with a pair of supportive slippers will help prevent unnecessary discomfort and future problems down the road.

Help me make this resource even better by adding your supportive slipper recommendations as well!