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The Best Socks for Kids With Sweaty Feet – PREVENT Your Kids Feet From Smelling!

Seamless Socks For Children

Do your kids’ socks feel damp every time you take them off? Do you feel like your child has the smelliest and stinkiest feet? If your kids’ feet and socks are always damp and sweaty, the correct type of socks will significantly reduce or completely eliminate the sweat.

I have been fitting children’s shoesorthotics, and socks for the last 10 years at a premier children’s shoe store that specializes in children with foot and leg problems, as well as regular shoe fittings.  I am familiar with which sock styles are perfect for children with sweaty feet.

Sweaty feet can often lead to your child developing all sorts of foot issues such as:

☹️ Blisters

☹️ Plantar Warts

☹️ Athlete’s Foot

☹️ Toenail Fungus

☹️ Rashes

☹️ Bacterial Skin Infections

There are certain sock styles that I have fitted for children with sweaty feet that made a huge difference in reducing or completely eliminating the sweat.

In addition, there are some particular sock materials that will allow your kids’ feet to breathe better. On the other hand, there are other materials that might trap sweat instead of dispel it. For example, socks made of synthetic materials are the worst kind of socks for children with sweaty feet.  For sweaty feet, I have found that the best type of fabric for children with sweaty feet is bamboo.

Socks made from bamboo fabrics will help keep your child’s feet dry thanks to the hollow structure of the fibers which makes it super-absorbent. This means that the material effectively wicks moisture away from the skin. Bamboo is highly breathable and much better than cotton or wool socks.

Before I show you a selection of best socks for kids with sweaty feet, I want to dig a little deeper into which are the best socks materials for kids and show you how to make sure you choose the correct sock size for your child.

Seamless Socks For Toddlers

What Are the Best and Worst Sock Materials? – Let’s Find Out!

Socks are very important when it comes to keeping your children’s feet healthy. They act as a barrier between your kids’ feet and their shoes, and they protect the feet from infection and irritation.

There is a misconception about socks made out of cotton. Most parents associate cotton with high quality socks, but when trying to reduce your kids’ feet from sweating so much, you must avoid fabrics such as cotton.

The Worst Sock Materials for Kids ?

If your child has sweaty feet, you need to avoid the following materials in socks:

☹️ Cotton – Although cotton socks are very popular​ and they tend to be parents #1 choice since they are very durable, it’s not a very good choice for kids with sweaty feet. The fiber is wonderful but it retains heat and leads to the growth of bacteria that cause odor. Sweat is not able to evaporate quickly through cotton, thus socks are left wet and smelly until you wash them.

☹️ Synthetic – Synthetic socks are perhaps the worst possible choice for kids who have sweaty feet since the synthetic material does not absorb nor repel moisture.

Boys Smelly Socks

The Best Sock Materials for Kids ✅

Socks that are made of bamboo are ideal for kids who have sweaty feet. Instead of trapping moisture and heat, it dispels it. Bamboo socks also have natural anti-microbial properties​ which help reduce foot-odor.

Coolmax socks are scientifically designed to prevent sweaty feet. They are polyester-based and they help wick moisture. These socks are great for children involved in several different physical activities.

✅ Olefin socks are lightweight, durable and provide better breathability than other socks. This is because they not only have moisture absorbing properties but also have hydrophobic features as well, which means that they repel water and drive sweat away from feet. Olefin fibers are quick drying and easy to clean, and the best part is that they are resistant to staining and soil while being very comfortable to wear.

You can also try socks made of DryMax fiber. Besides being made of Olefin fibers, DryMax socks also have anti-microbial properties that prevent the growth of the odor-causing bacteria and ensure that your kids’ feet are sweat and odor-free. DryMax socks retain their shape and don’t get stiff easily. They also have air vents to ensure that heat is not trapped and your kids’ feet remain cool and dry throughout the whole day.

Seamless Socks For Boys

How to Figure Out Your Kids’ Correct Sock Size – Let’s Find Out!

If the socks are fitted too short, they will end up constricting your kids’ toe movement and make the toes overlap and rub against each other (this can lead to blisters). On the other hand, if the socks are fitted too long, they will end up bunching up below your kids’ feet and your child will feel uncomfortable and refuse to wear them.

In order to figure out your child’s sock size, you must know your child’s shoe size.

Let me show you the most effective way to make sure that you provide your child with the correct sock size.

Most socks come in a package with labels that read “Fits Sock Size”, “Fits Ages From” , “Fits Shoe Size”. When trying to find the correct sock size for your child, please ignore the label the reads “Sock Size” or “Age Guidelines”.

In order to find your child’s correct sock size, you must always look under the label “Shoe Size” in the sock’s tags. This is the most effective way to find your child’s correct sock size. Take a look at the two pictures below for clarification:

Kids Socks

Kids Socks

Now that you know how to figure out your child’s exact sock size and what materials your kids’ socks should be made of, let’s take a look at a selection of the best socks for kids with sweaty feet.

The Best Socks for Kids with Sweaty Feet ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Please keep in mind that I only write reviews of shoes and socks that I have fitted before, so I can personally assess how well-made they are and how well they fit.

Here you can find a selection of the best socks for kids with sweaty feet (please refresh your browser if you can’t see the recommendations).

Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Most parents are not aware of the key role that socks play in keeping their kids’ feet healthy, and most of the time they end up choosing the wrong type of socks for their kids simply because they don’t know what type of materials the socks should be made of.

Sweaty feet can cause embarrassment for children and can be a cause of frustration for kids when they become aware of it. Smelly feet often induce fear among kids and teenagers, and can even prevent them from socializing with other kids.

Do you happen to be dealing with sweaty feet as well? I wrote an article where I describe the best women’s socks for sweaty feet:

The Best Women’s Socks for Sweaty Feet – Breathable, Durable, Seamless, and Affordable!

Are Your Kids Refusing to Wear Socks with Their Shoes?

It is natural that kids are unable to express why they don’t want to wear socks. If we observe carefully, one of the major reasons are the seams in the socks. I have even heard many adults complaining about the seams as well.

Children are always looking for comfort and if something is bothering them, they tend to reject it. The same applies to socks. You will find that most socks have seams right across the toes and some kids will refuse to wear them because they feel every bump and lump.

The best solution to deal with this issue is to provide your child with a pair of seamless socks. But, what makes seamless socks so special for kids?

🙂 As the name suggests, seamless socks are free of the seams that can cause irritation and discomfort to the toes of your little ones.

🙂 These socks have a unique design where they do not have separate heels like traditional socks do. This is why seamless socks prevent lumps from forming in the socks and are comfortable for kids to wear.

🙂 Seamless socks are stronger and more durable than traditional socks.

🙂 Seamless socks prevent kids’ toes from rubbing or overlapping against each other.

🙂 Seamless socks are easy to put on and fun to wear. They are fashionable and your children can choose from a great variety of colors and styles.

The socks I recommended above are all seamless so your child’s feet can feel comfortable and happy.

Best Quality Socks For Kids

Wearing the correct type of socks and the correct type of shoes will significantly reduce or completely eliminate your kids’ sweaty feet.

Make sure that your child is wearing breathable, machine washable shoes  since these are most recommended for children with sweaty feet. I actually wrote an article where I describe the best shoes for children with sweaty feet. Go to the link below:

The Best Shoes for Sweaty Feet – The Proven Method to Stop Kids from Sweating!

Here are some final tips to help you deal with your child’s sweaty feet:

✅ Make sure that your kids change their socks every day.

✅ Make them switch between two pairs of shoes on a regular basis.

✅ Get them socks made of high quality materials that can wick moisture.

Is there a particular style of socks that you have found to work best for your child’s sweaty feet? Please share your findings below so other parents can benefit from your experiences.


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18 Comments on The Best Socks for Kids With Sweaty Feet – PREVENT Your Kids Feet From Smelling!

  1. It’s all very well telling us what but you neglected to tell us where. I am at my wits end trying to buy seam free socks for my 2 year old

    • Hello Veronica,

      I actually provide a selection of the best seamless and breathable socks for kids at the end of the article, you might not be able to see it if you are using an ad blocker.
      I am also attaching the link here, hopefully you will be able to see it!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I have 2 adorable little girls ages 5 and 10 with really adorable little cute feet, but they have the nastiest stinkiest vilest feet I have ever smelled in my life which I know is a given for little girls even more than boys. This does not apply to my 12 and 14 year old boys since their feet never smell.

    My little angles feet reek like old moldy cheese, rotten eggs, old corn stale chips, moldy vinegar, pop corn and ammonia. All my friends have this same issue with their little girls. The stench drives us all mad. So this helps! Thanks!

  3. My son just turned 2 and has to wear orthotics that come up to his ankle. He has VERY sweaty feet and wearing the orthotics make it much worse. Any specific sock you recommend? Thank you

  4. I didn’t even realize seamless socks were a thing, or that they would help with sweaty feet… I kinda figured my son was just doomed to live with stinky sweaty feet forever! These’ll surely come in handy when soccer starts back up too, I’m sure playing soccer with sweaty feet is no fun.

    • Hello Karen,
      The socks that I describe in this article are seamless (it will prevent your kids’ toes from overlapping and rubbing against each other), but also breathable. Make sure you are providing your son with breathable shoes, since shoes and socks play a huge role in preventing sweaty feet. However,the socks described in this article are not meant to play soccer with. If he is ready to start soccer and you need an actual soccer sock for him, take a look at an article I wrote called:

      Soccer Socks For Kids – Protect Your Kids’Feet

      I hope this helps!

  5. I agree with Kim. My daughters have the same issues, but never my sons. I am also a teacher of many girls and boys. Same for me when it comes to when it comes to girls having the stinkiest feet on earth. I guess there is something in preteen girls foot sweat that is very much more stinkier than the boys. Plus I see the same issue with girls feet on other mom blogs. One woman had 5 kids. 2 girls and 3 boys, and it was the girls who had the stinky cheesy feet issues.

    I agree with the writer. Kim’s comment was hilarious but oh so true. XD

  6. I have to agree with the others. I have kids of my own, girls and boys. The boys feet just don’t smell, but my girls feet smells of cheesy death. Even when they wear socks their feet stinky those up as well. Poor little things lol. I also babysit a few girls and boys. Same thing… no stinky feet with the boys, but the girls I have had to go make them wash their stinky nasty feet all the time. I just think that little girls have stinkier feet than boys. That’s just the way it is.

    • HEllo R.D,

      When children get to a certain age they get embarrassed easily, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to reduce or fully eliminate the smell. I believe it all STARTS by wearing the correct type of shoes and socks.
      There were other several parents who mentioned how girls’ feet tend to smell worse than boys. I am trying to do some more search to find out why this might occur. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hello,
    You say in your article that synthetic socks are the worst for sweaty feet, yet the suggested links you provide show socks that are made of synthetic materials, such as polyester. Also, the drymax socks only sell socks for adult size feet. Not toddlers. I could try to find wool socks for my toddler (2 years old) but the other suggestions either don’t come in her size or contradict your article about not using synthetic materials. Please advise….

    • Hello Cheryl,

      There was one sock style that was made of 30% Polyester and you are correct about the Nike Drymax sock being sold out and available in adult sizes only. I revised my recommendations and you can find a selection for a toddler girl here:

      Thank you for letting me know and I hope this clarifies!

  8. Thank you for your blogs and detail explanations. I tried to purchase one set of Rambutan socks for my kid who now has athlete foot as his socks were too thick .I also will rotate his shoes. He only got one pair before. He did not tell me about sweaty socks.

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