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The Best Swim Shoes For Kids- Stop Blisters And Foot Infection

Swim Shoes For Kids

What type of shoes does your child normally wear during the summer? If you are tired of the trippy flip-flops and Crocs that make your child more prone to falls and injuries, then you need to provide your child with a pair of water shoes! Don’t let them use their everyday sneakers to play during the summer time since they take forever to dry out when they get wet!

Itching to buy a new pair of water shoes for your kid? I will describe the most popular and best made swim shoes for children!

Worried about your kids shoes becoming all soggy and wet when your child is playing in the water? Looking for the most comfortable water shoes for your kid? Look no further, I have been working at a children’s’ shoe store for over 6 years and I have fitted the most popular swimming shoes for kids designed to be worn both in and out of water.

The swim shoes for kids that I recommend won’t become heavy once they get submerged in water and they will dry out quickly when your kid leaves the pool. The best water shoes for kids’are made of extremely durable and water resistant materials, with a rubber outsole that will provide maximum grip in wet conditions and protect your kids’ feet against objects as well.

Kid’s swim shoes come in a very large variety of styles, whether you’re looking for slip-on shoes ideal for a day at the beach or lace-up water sneakers!

Water Shoes

Water Shoes- Protect Your Kids’ Feet!

Why is it so important to choose the right pair of water shoes for your child? Water shoes facilitate fast motion and will help your child run comfortably even on the sand. Their movement will be smooth and unhindered in these shoes. Protective footwear is critical for water sports to keep your kids’ feet healthy!

The water shoes that you decide to purchase for your child must be fitted properly in order to prevent your child from getting blisters and foot infections! Not sure how to choose the correct water shoe size? I wrote a post where I describe how to make sure you get your child the correct shoe size! The post is called:

How To Measure Kids Shoe Size From Home – In Less Than 30 Seconds!

Water shoes are a needed piece of equipment for swimming as well as for different water sports, which include scuba diving and even sun bathing. Even a casual day at beach calls for wearing proper water shoes!

The Best Water Shoes For Kids’ – The 3 Top Choices!

Choice #1 – Adjustable And Durable!

Are you looking for swim shoes for your kid’s that will make their swimming experience so much more pleasant and comfortable? Below you can find one of the most popular pair of swim shoes for kids, designed specifically to fit the swimming needs of your child. The insole of these shoes will feel very soft on your kid’s feet since it is very skin friendly and doesn’t cause itching or irritation.

One of the features that I love most about these swim shoes is how they have a very adjustable strap at their back. You can easily adjust the size and tightness of these shoes according to the size of your kids’ feet. If your kid’s feet are big or small compared to the average size, this future allows you to customize them accordingly!

Are you wondering how this water shoe looks like? Below you can find an image of one of the best water shoes for kids’!

Water Shoes For Kids

The adjustable feature around the ankle is extremely helpful! With an eye-catching and attractive design and a variety of color options, this pair of shoes will surely be loved by your kids as well. Their design is very nice and looks absolutely classy! Pretty awesome, right? The perfect pair of swim shoes is ready to be brought home and worn by your kid!

I almost forgot, if your child has a wide foot, this particular style fits the widest of kids feet! Something to keep in mind!

Choice #2 – Soft And Comfortable!

The next  style I describe has a very soft and synthetic sole and is one of the most durable among kids’ water shoes. This water shoe has an outstanding range of features and is highly likely to become your kid’s favorite!

This style features a durable four-way stretch quick-to-dry comfortable upper portion, which  is something that not all water shoes have to offer! These shoes have stolen all the limelight from other water shoes because of this feature.

They also have an adjusting strap closure so your kid won’t have any problems taking them off or putting them on. Moreover, these water shoes have an air mesh insert panel which allows air to pass through it and sucks out the water from shoes. This also prevents the smell of wet feet and shoes. Additionally, the smell inducing bacteria have a zero chance to thrive in these shoes!

Girls Swim Shoes

These unique swim shoes have an innovative feature by having a thermoplastic rubber outsole, which works in wonderful ways by offering water management and flow dispersion. This resists the hot ground from harming the your children’s delicate feet and gives them protection from sharp objects as well.

If you are concerned about the saltwater of the beach from harming your kids’ feet, you can STOP worrying now! Sit back and relax at the beach while your little ones enjoy the summer time by wearing these magical pair of shoes.

These popping colors will also make them your kid’s favorite shoes!

Choice #3 – The Best Bang For Your Buck!

The third style I recommend is perfect for day spent beside the pool or at the beach. Coming in a very budget friendly and economical price, these shoes are a definite for your kids.They are very durable and long lasting which means the material will not break down easily. Your child will definitely outgrow these shoes before anything happens to them! This product is designed to revolutionize your child’s underwater experience!

Kids Water Shoes

What I love the most about these shoes is how versatile they are! Even if your kid doesn’t like changing shoes, he can wear these all day long because these dry up really easily. They won’t start smelling either! These shoes come in a large variety of colors that are eye-catching and exciting for kids!

Water Shoes For Kids’ – Choose Them Wisely!

I will definitely give you the go-ahead and recommend you to pick up any of the shoes from the above and try them for your kids. Skim through the best choices of water/swim shoes available in the market and try to lay your hands on something that you completely trust!

I have fitted all of these styles and I can guarantee to you that they are made out of the best quality and they provide the best fit! Keep in mind that all water shoes run extremely large, so you will need to order a whole size smaller of what your child actually measures. I have given you suggestions to all the trustworthy swim shoes, but the final call is yours!

A lot of parents have asked me about Crocs and how safe they are for our kids’ feet. I actually wrote a post where I explain the advantages and drawbacks of providing your child with a pair of Crocs. The post is called:

Crocs For Children – Is Your Child In Danger When Wearing Crocs?

Click on the image of the water shoe that will suit your kids’needs better! Remember, that they all serve different purposes, from fitting a wide foot, to having an adjustable strap, to drying faster, so choose them carefully!

Does your child already own a pair of water shoes? Is there a particular water shoe style that you recommend? Please share your finds in the comment section below so we can all benefit from your experience!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

10 Comments on The Best Swim Shoes For Kids- Stop Blisters And Foot Infection

  1. Hi Juan,

    The Sunville toddler’s shoes would be my #1 choice. Like you, the adjustable strap at the back is a great idea. My son is 2 1/2 years old and he loves swimming but it can very stressful worrying about him slipping around the pool area, not to mention infection.

    It looks like #3 shoes also have the strap at the back. I need to check out sizes. Unfortunately I don’t think they deliver to S.E. Asia and if they did it might be a bit too expensive?

    Unless I can find similar over here.

    • Craig,

      Thank you for stopping by. The adjustable strap makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping these shoes on. The strap also allows the shoe to hug the foot, allowing your child to feel more secure and stable when swimming or when running around the swimming pool.

  2. Well said, couldn’t put it better myself – Flip-flops & regular sports shoes take a lifetime to dry up, lol..
    Who has time for that?

    I’d not only get these type of shoes for my kids but myself as well if possible – They’re very affordable & protect feet well.

    • Henry, great points! I think it is important for summer shoes to be able to dry quickly, that way our kids’ feet can stay dry and healthy. Parents tend to like choice #1 and choice #3 because of the fact that they come with an adjustable strap.

  3. Interesting post! I normally buy my kids swim shoes in the summer for use at the splash pad or at the beach. It helps protect their feet from rocks, bee stings, slivers, etc. while having fun in the water. One thing I have noticed is that if I go with the same size as their shoes, they are too loose and fall off easily, causing tripping. I normally go a size smaller on water shoes. Is this what you would recommend as well?

    • Sarah,

      You are 100% correct. When it comes to water/swimming shoes, you should always get a shoe size smaller of what they actually measure since these type of shoes tend to run extremely long. Kid swim shoes can provide a lot of benefits like the ones you mentioned above, but if we don’t get our children the right shoe size, then we will end up compromising their stability and causing problems. Thank you for sharing Sarah!

  4. This is actually a really cool article. I have a three year old, and we go swimming all the time. Although he can’t quite swim yet, he loves getting his feet wet. He has very sensitive feet, however. They seem to chafe quite easily. Is there a pair that you recommend that would solve this issue?

    • My preferences are option #1 and option #3 because they come with an adjustable strap that will hug the feet, providing the child with more stability and control over how tight he/she might like the shoes. Another advantage is that they will dry quickly, that way they won’t compromise your kids’ sensitive skin.

  5. I have never actually thought too much about shoes for swimming/water sports, but everything you’ve described makes a lot of sense!

    I love the fact that it would make walking in the swimming area safer and if on holiday, the hot sand wouldn’t damage their feet and sensitive skin!

    I think number one would be my first choice. I like the toggle adjustment and it looks more appealing, although totally agree that the colour popping fabrics of number 2 would probably call out to children as their choice!

    It’s definitely something I would consider for my children, especially if we were going abroad somewhere!

    • Jess,

      You actually make a very good point that I forgot to mention in my post. These type of shoes will protect our kids’ feet from the hot sand! Specially since children tend to have sensitive skin. Thank you for sharing!

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