The Most Durable Shoe Brands for Kids – The Top 3 Most Durable Shoe Brands

Most parents complain about how their children destroy their shoes so quickly that it’s not even worth investing in a good quality pair of shoes. However, the reason why your child might be destroying the shoes in the first place is that the shoes are poorly made to begin with. Certain shoe brands are more consistent than others when it comes to manufacturing high-quality and durable shoes for kids. Let me show you the most durable shoe brands for kids based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

If you notice that your child’s shoes always get worn out or destroyed before your child is ready to outgrow them, then you must try a different shoe style or a different shoe brand. Children should always outgrow their shoes before they are ready to be replaced, and depending on your child’s age you should be replacing their shoes anywhere between 3 to 6 months. The younger the children are, the faster they outgrow their shoes.

I get contacted by parents from all over the world who want to know which are the most durable shoe brands for kids since they are frustrated about having to replace their kids’ shoes faster than they expected it.

If you’re pressed for time, you can jump directly to the selection of the most durable shoe brands for kids.

Most Common Areas Where Children Destroy Their Shoes

The most common area where children wear down or destroy their shoes is at the front part of the shoes. Do any of the images below look familiar?


The second most common area where children wear down or destroy their shoes is at the sole. Do any of the images below look familiar?


If you notice that your kids’ shoes wear down on the side where the eyelets (shoe holes) are then this is not related to the quality of the shoes. I have seen several cases of the shoes wearing down in that area, but that is actually happening because the child is removing the shoes with the opposite foot without undoing the shoelaces or the Velcro closure. See the image below for clarification purposes:

These are the 3 most common reasons why children wear down their shoes:

1️⃣ Wearing shoes made from low-quality materials.

2️⃣ Wearing shoes that are too short or too narrow.

3️⃣ Having a foot condition such as flat feet, overpronation, or low muscle tone.

The good news is that certain shoe brands manufacture kids’ shoes made from high-quality materials that also provide the correct amount of support.

I want parents to understand that more expensive shoes don’t necessarily translate into better or more durable shoes for their kids. I have fitted certain shoe styles that are made from high-quality materials and are very reasonably priced, and I will show you these shoe styles shortly.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

In addition to being made from high-quality materials, the shoes need to fit the shape of your child’s feet perfectly. Kids’ feet come in all shapes and sizes, and some children might have a more “complicated” foot shape such as narrow, wide, extra wide feet, or high insteps.

I describe below each shoe recommendation what type of foot shape that shoe is capable of fitting. This reminds me that before you buy your shoes online you must be 100% sure of your child’s foot size. If you are unsure of your child’s foot size and shape I suggest that you take a look at corresponding article.

In that article I help parents determine their child’s exact foot size and whether the child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet. I also will be able to tell you whether your child has a high instep or not.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 3 most durable shoe brands for kids. Among each one of these brands, certain shoe styles are more durable than others and will last even the roughest and tumble playtimes.

Most Durable Kids’ Shoe Brands

Top Choice: Keen 

This shoe brand is mostly known for manufacturing some of the most supportive and durable kids’ summer sandals. However, there are certain sneakers made by Keen that have proven to be the most durable and comfortable ones.

Most Keen kids’ shoes are constructed for all types of conditions and surfaces and they provide lasting comfort and support through all types of play. Keen shoes also have soles with great traction that resist slipping, and Velcro fasteners that make it easy for your child to take the shoes on and off.

Please note that Keen sneakers are built to withstand the elements and rough terrain, but they will only fit children with medium or wide feet, they won’t be able to accommodate the shape of a child with narrow or extra wide feet. These shoes are practical and versatile for all-season wear!

Most Durable Keen Shoes

The shoes below can fit children with medium or wide feet. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Second Top Choice: New Balance 

This shoe brand is mostly known for manufacturing durable and supportive kids’ shoes that are capable of accommodating all types of different foot shapes.

There is one specific shoe style made by New Balance that comes with a reinforced toe-cap that is going to prevent your child from destroying the front part of the shoes. The shoe also features a durable suede upper construction with breathable mesh panels.

The shoes below are a perfect choice for kids in elementary or middle school, as they provide optimal support that is going to promote good joint health and are ideal for gym class or sports practice.

In addition to being the most durable shoe style made by New Balance, this sneaker provides excellent arch and ankle support. Please note that this shoe style is capable of fitting children with medium, wide, extra wide feet, and high insteps.

Most Durable New Balance Shoes 

These New Balance shoes are capable of fitting children with medium (M), wide (W), or extra wide (XW) feet.

Third Top Choice: Geox 

Geox is known for making high-quality shoes that are also comfortable and healthy for your kids’ feet. The biggest downside of this shoe brand is that most of its shoes tend to be on the higher end price wise.

In addition to being practically indestructible, one of the greatest advantages of Geox sneakers is that the sole of each shoe is made of micro-porous material which expels sweat, but prevents any water from entering the shoe.

The Best Geox Shoes 

Geox shoes are capable of accommodating the shape of a child with medium or wide feet.

How did I decide these are the top 3 most durable shoe brands for kids?

I have fitted every single shoe style from each brand and tested on children who always destroyed their shoes. Those children will come back to the store after a period of 3 to 6 months to have their feet resized and I will check how well the shoes held up.

Please remember that the right type of shoes are going to keep your kids’ feet supported and protected, while a shoe made from low-quality materials can cause discomfort to your kids’ feet and create foot issues such as blisters, calluses, and corns.

Having to replace your kids’ shoes before they are ready to outgrow them is a frustrating experience for every family. Investing a little more in your kids’ shoes can go a long way and end up saving you money in the future as you will be keeping your kids’ feet healthy.

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available?

Do not hesitate to contact me directly via email if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes for your child.

Is there a particular shoe brand or shoe style that you can recommend for kids who destroy their shoes? Please share your findings in the comments section below so other families can benefit from your feedback.