Best Platform Boots for Kids – Stylish, Comfortable, and Affordable!

Has your child been asking you for a pair of platform boots? Are you hesitant to provide your child with a pair of platform shoes as they might be too high and uncomfortable to wear? I have noticed that platform boots can be a much more comfortable way to add height than a standard heel. I have put together a list of the best platform boots for kids based on my 10 years of shoe fitting experience, and I will show you this list shortly.

How Does a Platform Boot Look Like?

Platform boots are characterized by their raised, thick outsoles that provide both height and stylistic properties to the shoe. Let’s take a look at how a platform boot looks like:

Whether your child wants to wear platform boots to make a statement or feel a little taller, the platform boots that I recommend are both stylish and comfortable.

If you’re pressed for time you can jump directly to a selection of the best platform boots for kids.

How High Should Your Kids’ Platform Boots Be?

The height of platform boots can vary widely, but the standard is between 3-10cm or 1-4 inches. The highest platform boot size that I recommend your child wears is 2 inches.

Keep in mind that the higher the platform boots are, the more pressure they can put on the ball of your child’s foot and create foot issues.

Is It Safe for Children to Wear Platform Boots?

As I mentioned before, platform boots can be a much more comfortable way to add height than a standard heel. The thick outsole of the boot can help distribute the weight more evenly across the foot than standard high heels. As with all kids’ shoes, the key to comfort is a proper fit. 

How to Figure Out Your Child’s Shoe Size Online

Before you order your kids’ shoes online you must be 100% sure of their exact foot length and shape (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide).

Now that you know your child’s exact foot size let’s take a look at the best platform boots for kids. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases. 

Best Platform Boots for Kids

Take a look at the description below each boot to find out if it can fit your child’s foot shape and how high the platform of the boot is. Many of the platform boots featured below come in several color options, so if your girl likes a specific model, please make sure to click through and see if they have the desired color.

Your child can wear these boots with a variety of clothing items!

Can These Platform Boots Fit Children with Wide Feet?

The platform boots that I have fitted before usually have a round toe box which helps accommodate children with wide feet.

Looking for Other Recommendations? – Get a Personalized Suggestion

If you need help finding a different type of platform boot or shoe for your child you can leave me a comment in the section below or send me an email to:

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How Often Should Your Child Wear Her Platform Boots?

The higher the platform boots are, the more pressure they can put on the ball of your child’s foot. This can cause discomfort and foot issues such as calluses. I have also noticed that platform boots tend to be quite heavy and rigid, which can make your child’s feet tire easily. For both of these reasons, I strongly suggest that you limit the wear of these boots to no longer than 4 hours a day.

It’s important to look for platform boots with lower heels to help lessen the pressure on the ball of the foot.

Are Platform Boots Allowed to Wear to School?

This depends on your specific school uniform policy. If it is permitted in the school dress code, your child can definitely wear them.

Make sure that your child switches to her everyday sneakers after wearing the boots. Help me make this resource even better by adding your platform boots recommendations as well!