Best Shoes for Kids Who Wear Heel Cups – Supportive and Extra Deep!

Has your child been experiencing heel pain and your doctor recommended getting a pair of heel cups? Maybe you already got a pair of heel cups and now you are looking for a pair of supportive shoes. It’s important to note that heel cups can work wonders for children with heel pain as long as they are fitted in the correct pair of shoes. I have put together a selection of the best shoes for kids who wear heel cups and I will show you these shoes shortly.

I have helped hundreds of children with heel pain find the correct pair of shoes and heel cups to significantly reduce, and in some cases fully eliminate their pain.

Pro Tip: If you’re pressed for time here is a list of the best shoes for children who wear heel cups.

What Makes the Shoes I Recommend Effective for Kids Who Wear Heel Cups?

The shoes I recommend provide the following 4 important features that make them ideal for children who wear heel cups:

1️⃣ Extra Depth: Shoes that provide extra depth are ideal for fitting heel cups as the deeper the heel cup fits inside your kids’ shoes, the more comfortable and stable your child will feel. Take a look at the image below and notice how much deeper the heel cup is fitting inside the shoe on the left compared to the shoe on the right.

2️⃣ Targeted Heel Support: The shoes I recommend provide targeted support right below your child’s heels. This extra cushion and support from the shoes and the heel cups help minimize the impact that your kids’ feet take when they come in contact with the ground. Let me show you the difference in heel support between one of the shoes I recommend and a different style. Do you notice how the shoe on the right has a lot more extra cushion right below the heel area compared to the shoe on the left?


3️⃣ Firm Heel Counters: The heel counter is the back part of the shoes, and the firmer it is, the better. From now on, always check the heel counter of your kids’ shoes before buying them. Below you can see an image that shows the difference between a shoe with a firm heel counter and a shoe with a softer one:


4️⃣ Shoelaces Vs Velcro Closure: Shoes that come with shoelaces are always more effective in treating and preventing heel pain compared to shoes that come with velcro closure. The main reason for this is that the shoelaces provide better support and stability, they also do a better job securing your child’s heels against the back of the shoes and preventing the heel cup from moving.


Before I show you a selection of the best shoes for kids who wear heel cups, I want to make sure that you know your child’s exact foot size.

Most children’s shoe stores are closed now, so parents don’t have anywhere to take their children to be properly fitted for shoes.

Are You 100% Sure of Your Child’s Foot Size? – Let’s Find Out!

Providing your child with shoes that are too small, too big, too narrow, or too wide, can defeat the whole purpose of having a heel cup inside the shoes. Your kids’ shoes must be the correct size or your child won’t get all of the benefits that the heel cups have to offer!

You won’t be able to order the correct shoe size for your child if you don’t know what your child’s foot size is to begin with. For example, do you know your child’s exact foot length? Do you know whether your child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet? Do you know whether your child has a high instep or not? I help parents determine the answers to these questions in this resource.

By now you should know your child’s exact foot size. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best shoes for kids who wear heel cups.Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Shoes for Kids Who Wear Heel Cups

Take a look at the description below each shoe to find out whether it can fit your child’s foot shape (medium, wide, extra wide).

Get in Touch With Us for a Personalized Suggestion

If your child happens to have narrow feet, I suggest that you contact me so I can send you specific shoe recommendations. Feel free to also reach out if you are looking for a different type of shoe to treat your child’s heel pain:

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In addition to providing the 4 important features I described before, these shoes I recommend are also flexible, breathable, and durable.

Believe me when I tell you that the shoes and the heel cups work together in reducing or eliminating your child’s heel pain. Your child won’t get any of the benefits that the heel cups have to offer if they are not fitted in the correct pair of shoes.

How to Tie Your Kids’ Shoes to Get the Most Out of the Heel Cups

I also suggest that you apply a shoe lacing technique that my co-worker who has over 20 years of experience taught me, as it will help secure the heel cups inside the shoes.

What Are the Best Heel Cups for Kids?

There is a specific type of heel cup that has proven to be the most effective one for children with heel pain. The heel cup that I recommend acts as a shock absorber for your child’s feet as it provides multi-layers of cushion as shown in the image below:

Heel Pain — It’s Not Common and it Doesn’t Magically Disappear!

Contrary to what most pediatricians and physical/occupational therapists recommend, I advise parents to be proactive and don’t take the “wait and see approach” when it comes to treating their children’s foot conditions. Waiting for your child’s condition to resolve on its own can only lead to the condition getting worse.

I mention this because I get contacted by hundreds of families who tell me that they took their child to their pediatrician but were told to leave the condition alone as it will go away with time. It is true that sometimes the child might “outgrow” the pain, but in most cases, the pain doesn’t magically disappear.

When children complain about foot or leg pain, it’s usually because the pain has escalated to an intolerable point.

I am not a doctor, but at the children shoe store that I work for I evaluate children with foot problems daily for supportive shoes and orthotics. I know what works and what doesn’t from actually fitting and testing different shoes and orthotics and observing how the child reacts to them. Some children need a pair of supportive shoes, while some others need supportive shoes and orthotics. It all depends on the degree of the child’s foot condition.

Children with Foot Issues – My Final Thoughts!

I have helped children with flat feet, rolled ankles, low muscle tone, plantar fasciitis, knock knees, toe walking, etc. find the correct pair of shoes to help treat their specific foot conditions, and I believe I can help your child too.

I truly believe that the correct pair of shoes can be life-changing for many children!

Once we reduce or fully eliminate your child’s heel pain, you must emphasize to your child the importance of stretching often, especially before and after vigorous exercise!