Best Shoes to Improve Your Child’s Overpronation – Before and After Images and Videos!

Has your child been diagnosed with flat feet and overpronation and your medical professional recommends fitting your child in a pair of supportive shoes? Are you unsure about which specific models might work best for your child’s flat feet and overpronation? I am going to show you how to improve your child’s overpronation by fitting your child in shoes that provide supportive outsoles, firm heel counters, and straight lasts.

Sometimes parents notice a significant change in their children’s walking gait, such as their feet and legs turning inwards. Other times children start complaining about foot or leg pain and that’s when parents realize that they need to take immediate action. Be that as it may, I will show you what an amazing difference the correct pair of shoes can make when it comes to treating and preventing your child’s overpronation.

The image below shows how the feet of a child with overpronation impact the ground when walking. Do you notice how the child’s feet are striking at the outside of the heel first?


Before and After Images of Children with Overpronation

The image below shows a toddler with flat feet and overpronation standing barefoot. Bear in mind that it’s normal for toddlers to have flat feet, as children can develop arches until they reach the age of five. However, not all flat feet are the same. The toddler in the image below has flat feet and is dealing with moderate to strong pronation.

Before Image


Let’s see what happens when we fit that same toddler in a pair of supportive shoes that I recommend. The shoes below provide firm heel counters, supportive outsoles, and straight lasts. Do you notice how the toddler’s feet are a lot straighter?

After Image


Now let’s take a look at a different example of an older child with flat feet and overpronation.

Before Image

Let’s see what happens when we fit that same child in a pair of shoes that I recommend. The shoes below also provide firm heel counters, supportive outsoles, and straight lasts. Do you notice how the child’s feet are a lot straighter?

After Image


Wow! What a difference the correct pair of shoes can make!

Before and After Videos of Children with Overpronation

I also created a video to help you better visualize the amazing difference that the correct pair of shoes can make in a child who has flat feet and overpronation. In the video below you will find examples of children walking barefoot and then walking with supportive shoes.

What Makes the Shoes that I Recommend Ideal for Kids with Overpronation?

1️⃣ Straight Lasts: Shoes with straight lasts help improve the child’s foot posture. If your child has strong pronation you need to stay away from shoes that have excessively curved lasts. Take a look at the image below for better visualization purposes:


2️⃣ Supportive Outsoles: Shoes with supportive outsoles help improve foot posture and provide shock absorption which helps attenuate the impact that your child’s feet take when they come in contact with the ground. This feature is ideal if your child is dealing with foot or leg pain.


3️⃣ Firm Heel Counters: When children have flat feet you don’t only support the arch, you mechanically support all of the pieces that cause the foot to be flat, such as the heels. Make sure that you always press on the heel counter of your kids’ shoes to make sure that it feels firm as shown in the image below:


The Correct Shoe Size Can Help Prevent Foot Conditions in Children

Keep in mind that none of the bells and whistles will matter if the shoe doesn’t fit your child’s foot shape correctly. Did you know that the proper fit of the shoes is just as important (if not more important) than the support or the material that the shoes are made of?

To order the correct shoe size online, you must know what your child’s foot size is to begin with. Do you know whether your child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet? Do you know whether your child has a high instep? These are all factors that help determine what shoes might work best for your child’s feet.

If you are unsure of your child’s foot length and shape, I recommend taking a look at another resource I have created. In just two simple steps, I will be able to determine what shoe size your child should wear.

What Shoe Brands Work Best for Children with Overpronation?

I don’t like to recommend specific shoe brands as there are specific models among each brand that work a lot better than others. The problem with recommending specific shoe brands is that some parents assume that all shoes from those brands will work well for their child’s overpronation.

When is the Right Time to Take Action?

Parents need to understand that they only have a small window of opportunity to make a significant change in their child’s foot structure and gait mechanics. I have noticed how some pediatricians recommend waiting until the child reaches the age of 6 or 7 to intervene. If you notice something is wrong with your child’s walking gait or if your child is complaining about foot or leg pain you need to intervene as soon as possible.

Can Supportive Shoes Make Your Child’s Feet Weaker?

This is a common question that I get asked at the shoe store that I work for. Supportive shoes won’t make your child’s feet weaker, they will simply provide your child with the structural support that is not going to take away from the musculature. We are not making the muscles weak. As a matter of fact supportive shoes promote the feet’s health. Why wait until the child is five years or older when the condition might be a lot harder to manage?

Let’s now take a look at the best shoes for children with overpronation. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Shoes for Children with Overpronation

Make sure that you take a look at the description below each shoe to find out if it can accommodate your child’s foot shape. The fit of shoes varies from one shoe company to another, so make sure that you read the last bullet point below each shoe recommendation to find out what size you should order to provide your child with the correct amount of growing room.

Are Shoes with Laces Better than Shoes with Velcro for Kids with Overpronation?

I prefer to fit children in shoes with laces as I feel like the laces can “hug” the child’s feet more effectively, which helps provide the child with better support and stability.

Should Your Child Wear Shoes Inside the House as Well?

Your child should wear the shoes as often as possible. This doesn’t mean that your child cannot walk around barefoot at home for a couple of hours, but the more that your child wears his/her shoes, the better.

Looking for Other Shoe Recommendations? – Get a Personalized Suggestion

Here you can find additional resources that describe the best boots and sandals to help treat your child’s overpronation.

If there is a different type of shoe that you are looking for you can ask your question in the comments section below or contact me via email:

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Should I Provide My Child with a Pair of Orthotics?

I usually suggest to start by trying a pair of supportive shoes first, and if the child’s foot posture or walking gait doesn’t improve or if the child continues to complain about foot or leg pain, then I suggest trying an orthotic.

How to Preserve the Support of Your Child’s Shoes

You should emphasize to your child the importance to undo the laces or the velcro straps of the shoes when taking them on and off, as this will preserve the support of the shoes.

Some parents don’t understand the importance and the positive impact that shoes can have on their children’s lives. Please remember this: “Any structure built on a weak foundation will collapse”. Our feet are the foundation for our entire body, and we must take good care of them!

Help me make this resource even better by adding shoe recommendations that have worked well for your child’s overpronation.