Replacement Pringles for Your Child’s AFOs or SMOs – Find Out Where to Get New Ones

I have gotten several emails from families asking where they can get a replacement “Pringle” or “Instep Pad” (I don’t think there is an official term) for their child’s AFOs/SMOs. The Pringle is s a little foam chip that goes under the straps of the AFOs or SMOs to keep the orthotics from pinching or placing too much pressure on your child’s skin. Your child can continue to wear the braces without the Pringles, as you don’t “technically” need them, but they do help increase comfort and prevent foot issues such as blisters and other pressure sores.

What’s the Main Purpose of the Pringles? – Are they Necessary?

Some families believe that the main purpose of Pringles is to increase comfort, which they definitely do. However, they also help cushion the top part of the foot and prevent the orthotics from putting too much pressure on your child’s skin, which helps prevent blisters and pressure sores.

While some children can go without using the Pringle with their orthotics, others might refuse to wear their orthotics without it.

If you happen to notice red marks on the top part of your child’s feet (instep), then I suggest that you don’t have your child wear the AFOs or SMOs until it either goes away or your medical professional makes a modification to prevent it.

Where Can You Order Extra Pringles for Your Child’s AFOs or SMOs?

You should start with step number 1 and if that doesn’t work move to step number 2:

1️⃣ Contact your orthotist, they should send you a replacement for free. Some families are told that they need to make an appointment but please note that there is no need to make an appointment to get them, they should be able to mail them to you right away. If they insist that you need to make an appointment, I suggest moving to step number 2.

2️⃣ Contact the manufacturer, which might be Surestep or Cascade. Here are two links to their customer service:


Cascade Dafo:

Pringles Have Different Numbers On Them – What Do They Mean?

Most Pringles are labeled with a size number for easy re-ordering. If you are unsure about what size Pringle your child had, you need to contact your orthotist or manufacturer and they will be able to tell you based on the orthotics your child is wearing.

What Can you Do While You Wait for the New Pringles to Arrive?

While you wait for the new Pringles to arrive, you can use moleskin or craft foam to get through until you could get new ones.

Did You Know that Pringles Can Be Sewn-In to Your Child’s AFOs or SMOs?

Some families notice that the Pringle slides down into the toes of their child’s shoes. If this keeps happening you can ask your orthotist to have the Pringles either sewn-in or glued down to the AFOs or SMOs so they are not constantly falling out. Parents love the simplicity of this, and it definitely helps make the donning process easier. 

By sewing-in or glueing-down the Pringles to your child’s orthotics you can reduce the likelihood of them getting lost and you will facilitate proper placement.

If you want to sewn-in or glue down the Pringles yourself you can definitely do so.

Are You Having a Hard Time Finding Shoes for Your Child’s AFOs or SMOs?

I have created several shoe resources over the years for children who wear AFOs or SMOs.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding your child’s shoes, AFOs, SMOs, or Pringles: [email protected]

With any new braces, it might take several trips to the orthotist to get things working right! It’s important to do everything in your power to make your child feel more comfortable when wearing their AFOs or SMOs. Just keep an open mind as every child is different, and while some children don’t mind wearing their orthotics without the Pringles, some others might have a harder time and refuse to wear the orthotics without them.