Fitting Children's Shoes

At What Age Do Children Start Walking? – Is it Time to Worry?

One of the most common questions that parents ask me at the shoe store that I work for is: At what age do children start walking? Most babies start walking by 14 months, but if it’s taking a little longer for your baby to start walking there is no reason to panic. I have seen […]

How to Keep your Baby’s Feet Healthy – Follow These 3 Simple Steps!

Did you know that babies who don’t wear the correct types of shoes are at higher risk of developing several foot issues as well as foot, leg, and back problems in the future? Parents need to understand that the foot of a baby is soft and pliable because the bones are not yet completely formed. I am going to […]

Infant Toddler Shoes – When Should You Put Shoes On Your Baby?

Have you been looking for a pair of first walking shoes for your baby? Are you having doubts about whether now is the right time to fit your baby for his/her first pair of walking shoes? I will show you a list of the best infant toddler shoes that I have fitted before at the […]

Easy to Put On Baby Shoes – STOP Struggling to Put Your Baby’s Shoes On!

Do you always have a hard time putting your baby’s shoes on? Are you always struggling and feel like you need to shove the shoes on and even then, you are not completely sure that they are fitting correctly? I have been contacted by several parents who explain to me how frustrating it is having to waste […]

How to Buy Shoes for Babies – Let’s Keep your Babies’ Feet Healthy!

Is your baby ready to start walking? The first pair of walking shoes is the most important one as it helps babies take those first steps with confidence. I always recommend that parents have their babies’ feet measured at their local specialized children’s shoe store, as these stores hire shoe fitters that know how to fit […]

The Best Shoes for Babies Reviewed – Lightweight, Flexible, and Affordable!

Have you been looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your baby that is learning how to walk? Did you know that the shoes that you choose for your baby play a key role in keeping your baby’s feet healthy? Babies should go barefoot as often as possible to promote good balance, posture coordination, […]

Newborn Crochet Booties – Protect Your Baby’s Feet From the Cold!

Your baby’s toes are constantly in action, wiggling and grasping, inside or outside the shoe, which is nature’s way of developing strength for their feet through exercise. Therefore, parents must never allow shoes or socks to interfere with this toe-wiggling. Until the child begins to walk, that toe action is virtually the only exercise the foot will […]