What is the Biggest Kids’ Shoe Size? – Find Out Now!

The biggest kids’ shoe size is a number 7. Any size bigger than a shoe size 7; for instance, a shoe size 7.5 or above, is considered a men’s shoe size. This continuation of shoe sizes applies to boys, as for girls it is a little different. For example, the last kids’ shoe size for girls is also a size 7, but for the next size up you will have to order a women’s shoe size 9 instead of a size 7.5. I know this might sound confusing, but there is a 1.5 shoe size difference between women’s and girls’ shoe sizes.

The Biggest Kids’ Shoe Size – Is It the Same for Boys and Girls?

Yes, the biggest kids’ shoe size is a number 7 and this applies to both boys and girls. The only confusion is that the next size up that you should get if you have a boy is different than the one if you have a girl.

For boys it’s pretty straightforward, you simply need to move to men’s shoe sizes and order the size 7.5

For girls, you need to add a full shoe size and a half and move to women’s shoe sizes. So instead of ordering a women’s shoe size 7.5, you will have to order a women’s shoe size 9.

Take a look at the table below as it will help you better visualize how this shoe size conversion works:


Helpful Resources for Children in Adult Shoe Sizes

I created a couple of resources that you might find helpful if your child is already wearing men’s or women’s shoe sizes.

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How to Retrieve What Exact Shoe Size You Need for Your Child?

If you are unsure of your child’s exact foot length and shape, you should take a look at a free resource that I created that will help you determine your child’s shoe size in two simple steps.

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