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Wide Sandals For Kids – The Must Have Summer Sandal For Kids With WIDE Feet!

Wide Sandals For Kids

Have you been looking for wide or extra wide summer sandals for kids, and you can’tfind them anywhere? Are you tired of your child wearing out his or her sandals before the summer season is over? Summer time is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the type of summer shoes you will get for your child! However, if your child has wide or extra wide feet, the choice is quite simple, since there is only one supportive, indestructibleodor-free sandal that will fit a child with wide or extra wide feet!

I work for a specialized children’s shoe store and I have been fitting children’s shoes for 7 years now, and I handle approximately two hundred fittings/try ons per week! We specialize in fitting children shoes for kids’ that have foot problems such as flat feet, knocked knees, or rolled ankles. We also see several children who have extra wide feet, and they always have a hard time finding shoes or sandals, that is, until they come to our store! We carry every single shoe style that comes in wide and extra wide, since we fit orthotics and shoes, and we need wider shoes to fit the orthotics inside the shoes. I am familiar with every shoe style that comes in wide and extra wide widths.

The children that need extra support in their footwear also need sturdy, supportive summer sandals to wear in the summer. Keen sandals are the best sandals for children in terms of support and structure, but they won’t fit a child with wide or extra wide feet

Even though Keen sandals are the most popular summer sandals for children, several parents have asked me if there is something similar to Keen sandals, that will fit a child with wide or extra wide feet. Lucky for you and your child, such sandal does exist! Have you ever heard of the shoe brand Jambu? They make water sandals that are sturdy and provide great support, and at the same time fit a child with wide or extra wide feet! If your child has narrow feet, you should stop reading this and go to this post: 

The Best Sandals For Narrow Feet – Find The Secret Here!

If you want to provide your child with sandals that have great support and will protect your kids’ feet, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I will describe the best summer sandals for children who have wide or extra wide feet!

Water Sandals For Kids

Wide Sandals For Kids – Stop Pinching Your Kids’ Feet!

Several parents have asked me where they can find summer sandals for their kids’ wide feet. They start complaining about how their kids feet look like frying pans! Most of the time, children feet will stretch out as they keep growing, but some children have extra wide feet all their life, so you better start getting familiar with the shoes that come in extra wide widths!

Wouldn’t it be great to provide your child with a summer sandal that they can run and play all day in while protecting their feet? These sandals come with a velcro strap and a toggle shoe lace that will hug your kids’ feet and provide them with more support and stability!

These are great sandals for children who are rough on their shoes, since they are practically indestructible! One of the features that parents love the most about these sandals is that they don’t smell like Keen sandals do! Wouldn’t you love to provide your child with sandals that are odor-free?

Another great feature of these sandals is that they have a rubber outsole that features deep grooves for superior traction on all type of surfaces! However, the best feature of Jambu sandals for kids’ is that they provide the same support as the Keen sandals, but they fit a child with wide or extra wide feet!

Jambu Sandals For Kids

Jambu Sandals For Kids’ – Versatility And Durability!

Are you tired of your kids’ summer sandals falling apart faster than expected? As a parent, when you find a pair of shoes that withstands the abuse of children, you stick with it! You can rest assured that your child will outgrow these sandals before anything happens to them!

Your child can wear these sandals everywhere, and they dry super fast!  Parents love how their kids can go in and out of the water in these sandals while their toes and heels are protected! These sandals are also recommended for summer camp or going hiking. They are lightweight and constructed with high quality to last an endless summer!!!

Parents are always complaining about the Keen sandals smelling so badly that their kids’ have to stop wearing them! While there are some steps you can take to reduce the smell, it seems that parents still struggle with how stinky  these sandals get! You won’t have to worry about that with Jambu sandals since they offer great breath-ability and the insoles of these shoes come out for easy cleaning!

How Do Jambu Sandals Fit? – Get It Right!

Jambu sandals fit long and wide! Normally we always go for a longer size than what the child actually measures to leave enough room for them to wear them all summer. However, with Jambu sandals (because they already run so long), we tend to fit them in the size they actually measure. Most summer and winter shoes don’t come in half sizes, only whole sizes. For example, if your child measures a size 12, you should get him size 13 sandals NOT size 1. Remember that they don’t make them in half sizes!

Extra Wide Sandals

I always recommend parents that take their kids’ to be properly fitted for shoes at their local kids’ shoe store, so they can make sure you provide them with the right shoe size! However, several parents have asked me where they can get their children’s shoes online since they don’t have a local shoe store that they trust. I wrote a post about the best place to buy your kids’ shoes online, and you can find it here:

Kids Shoes On Amazon – Is Amazon The Best Place To Buy Your Kids’ Shoes?

The Best Wide Sandals For Kids’ – The Secret Revealed!

If you are tired of providing your child with flip-flops or Crocs that don’t offer stability or support, you should provide them with a pair of Jambu sandals and you will see how much they will love them! You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your children are running in sandals that are protecting their feet and offering the support they need to run around all day!

Many parents don’t even know that these sandals even exist, and they buy longer sandals to compensate for their kids’ wide feet! That means they are compromising their kids’ stability by providing them with shoes that are too long! Never buy longer shoes to compensate for the width!

STOP pinching your kids’ toes in sandals that are too narrow for their feet! Wide summer sandals for kids’ do exist, and Jambu makes the most durable and sturdy ones!

Below you can find the best summer sandals for kids’ that have wide or extra wide feet!

All of these shoe styles fit “true to size”,which means that you need a half a size longer of the size that your child measures in the shoe measuring scale in order to allow for growing room. Keep in mind that sandals (and most seasonal footwear) don’t come in half sizes, so if your child is “in between sizes” please order the larger size to allow for growing room.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Wide And Extra Wide Shoes For Kids?

Shoe companies make several wide and extra wide shoes for children, but most parents are not aware of them or where to find them! Did you know that shoe companies make soccer, baseball, and basketball shoes in wide and extra wide widths?

I actually wrote a post where I describe the best children’s shoes for wide feet. You can find that post here:

Children Extra Wide Shoes – Prevent Blisters, Calluses, And Corns!

While there are no summer sandals that are actually labeled wide or extra wide, some styles fit wider than others. Jambu is the widest fitting sandal for children who have wide or extra wide feet, and most parents don’t even know that these sandals actually exist!

If you are looking for wide sandals for your toddler, Stride Rite makes the best kind. They are lightweight, flexible, and they dry super fast!

Toddler Wide Sandals

Below you can find a selection of the best wide summer sandals for toddlers!

All of these shoe styles fit “true to size”,which means that you need a half a size longer of the size that your child measures in the shoe measuring scale in order to allow for growing room.

Sandals For Mom And Dad?

Did you know that if you wear a women shoe size 8 ½ or smaller you can get the kids’ version of the Jambu sandals and pay half of the price that you would pay for the women’s version? I have fitted several of the mothers that come to the shoe store in running shoes and sandals once they find out they can wear kids’ sizes. I explain this secret further in this post:

Women And Kids Shoe Size Conversion Chart – Save Big Buying Kids Shoes!

The Best Wide Summer Sandals For Kids – Spread The Word!

Now that you know which summer sandals are good for a child with wide or extra wide feet, you are ready to make the most informed decision. Remember that Jambu sandals can be worn for most of the day since they provide great support and stability! You won’t have to worry about your kids’ feet stinking up the whole place, since they are breathable and come with a removable insole for easy cleaning!

Help spread the word so parents can STOP pinching their kids’ feet by fitting them in shoes that are too narrow!

Does your child have wide or extra wide feet? Have you found a pair of summer sandals that fit wide or extra wide? Have you ever tried the Jambu brand before? Please share your thoughts and experiences so we can all benefit from them!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids’ feet and get my guide for free: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make when Buying Their Kids’ Shoes

10 Comments on Wide Sandals For Kids – The Must Have Summer Sandal For Kids With WIDE Feet!

  1. I have been looking for wide water play sandals for my kids for so long! My kid have the widest feet and I always struggle finding them shoes and specially summer footwear for their feet. Jambu sandals seems to be a very good solution for them and I also like the price! Does Amazon offers the cheapest price? I don’t have a children’s shoe store close to where I live so I always buy my kids shoes online.

    • Hello Nico,

      Most parents were not even aware that water play sandals that fit children with wide or extra wide feet actually existed! Jambu sandals will fit children with wide or extra wide feet, and they provide great support and stability for your kids! Amazon definitely sells them for a cheaper price than most other online retailers sells them for.I hope your kids enjoy them!

  2. These shoes look very sturdy and lightweigth at the same time. I find it frustrating how quickly my toddler goes through shoes so I rarely buy her anything that costs over $15. We have spent top dollar in the past on shoes that were fitted properly twice before but she ended up hardly ever wearing them which was frustrating. So now I just stick to cheap shoes from target. But, is this a mistake? She is only two and a half. She has no problems with her feet and she is very quick to let us know if her shoes hurt her feet. Should I be insisting she wear certain shoes?

    • Hello Liz,

      The price that you pay for your kids shoes is not an easy. I have fitted shoes that ranged from 30 to 40 dollars and they were everyday, sturdy, supportive shoes. Paying 15 dollars for your kids shoes seems like an awesome deal, but I am not even sure what those shoes might be made out of. Sometimes when you buy an older shoe style you will end up paying a lot less than the newer version, and you won’t be compromising on quality or support! Hope this help, and don’t hesistate to contact me if you have any question!

  3. Finally I found good information in wide sandals for kids! I always have the hardest time finding them for my child with extra wide feet! Now he can run around in the summer with no blisters! Thanks for the info! Is Amazon the cheapest place to buy Jambu sandals?

    Thank you for the information!

    • I know how hard it can be to find shoes for children with wide or extra wide feet. Certain parents even refrain from buying their kids summer sandals because they say they won’t fit their feet.

      Amazon might not offer the best selection of shoes, but they do provide the best prices! Please let me know anytime you have any question!

  4. I didn’t know that sandals in wide widths for kids existed! My kids have the widest feet and they always end up wearing sneakers during the summer time since they always complain that their sandals feeling too tight! The problem is that their sneakers will get wet and they will develop a horrible smell and complain about being uncomfortable. I am definitely trying these Jambu sandals for them! Thank you man this is really valuable information!

    • Hello Chris,

      You are not the only parent who didn’t know that sandals came in wide widths! You should’t let me sneakers all day during the summer, they should have a pair of sandals to run around and be able to get them wet! Jambu sandals are great for children with wide or extra wide feet. You will see how well they will fit!

  5. Before I worked in the medical field, I used to work as an administrative assistant and heels were part of my everyday dressage – ouch ! is all I could say. It was very difficult for me to find wide inexpensive shoes. I would hate for children to feel the discomfort I felt and they really shouldn’t.

    I’m glad there’s wide sandals for kids!!

    What type of foot problems could arise from wearing shoes that are too narrow for your feet? Also, do you know if they make high heels for kids in wide widths? My daughters keep asking for high heels but I can’t seem to find ones that fit because they both have really wide feet!

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