Frustrated Parents of Kids with Narrow Feet – What is Your Favorite Shoe Brand?

Are you having the hardest time finding shoes to fit the shape of your child’s narrow feet? Do you feel like every shoe that you try on your child’s feet is too wide and gaps too much on the front and around the ankles? I have spoken with several frustrated parents of kids with narrow feet who have tried several different shoe styles and shoe brands but they always end up empty-handed.

When parents try to find a pair of narrow shoes for their children, they usually find themselves staring at a wall of shoes that look very similar and very different at the same time. The good news is that I know which shoes work better for children with narrow feet from having fitted them before.

If you have a child with narrow feet, don’t panic! You are not alone; I have helped hundreds of families find the perfect pair of shoes for their children. If you are in a rush, you can go directly to the selection of the best narrow shoes for children.

What Shoe Brands Manufacture Children’s Shoes in Narrow Widths?

There are only a few shoe companies that manufacture children’s shoes in narrow widths. There might be a total of only 2 or 3 shoes out there that are actually available in narrow widths (N). The reality is that certain shoes fit narrower than others, but the only way to identify which styles these are is from having fitted them before.

Be Careful About Fitting Your Child in Shoes That Are Too Wide

If you provide your child with shoes that are too wide, your child might develop several foot issues such as blisters, calluses, and corns, as well as foot and leg pain.

When there is too much extra space inside the shoes, it allows for too much foot movement, and that constant friction and rubbing between the feet and the shoes can lead to blisters and other foot issues.

Some parents make the common mistake of providing their kids with shoes that are too short to reduce the extra space inside the shoes. You need to stop doing this since it will lead to your child developing blisters on the toes and around the ankles.

What Makes the Shoes I Recommend Effective for Narrow Feet?

There are 2 key features that the shoes I recommend provide that makes them the best choice for kids with narrow feet. The shoes all come with a narrow heel counter and a pointier toe-box.

1️⃣ Narrow Heel Counters

Let me show you what I mean by finding a shoe that provides a narrow heel counter. The heel counter is the back part of the shoes that provides ankle and heel support. Do you notice how the shoe in the first image has a narrower heel counter compared to the shoe in the second image? These shoes are the same length, but as you can see will fit very differently.

2️⃣ Narrow Platforms

Now let’s take a look at the difference between a shoe that provides a pointier toe-box versus one with a rounder toe-box. Do you notice how the shoe on the left has a rounder toe-box compared to the shoe on the right? These shoes are also the same length, but will fit very differently.

These are the type of features that we want the shoes to provide for a child with narrow feet since they will highly increase the chances of fitting the shape of your child’s narrow feet.

I am going to provide you with a selection of the best shoes for children with narrow feet that I have fitted before, but I would also love to hear what shoe brands and shoe styles have worked well for your child.

The main goal here is to have families share their own experiences because there are a lot of parents who are going through the same issue.

Why It’s So Hard to Find Shoes for Kids with Narrow Feet?

The most common reason is that shoe companies simply don’t manufacture shoes in narrow widths anymore. There used to be a New Balance sneaker that was my go-to sneaker for children with narrow feet, but New Balance stopped making it.

As far as sneakers are concerned, I have found that certain shoe companies such as Asics and Saucony are the more consistent ones when it comes to manufacturing shoes that fit children with narrow feet.

As far as dress shoes, sandals, boots, and casual shoes concern, I have found Naturino to be the best shoe company for children with narrow feet.

Even though those are my favorite shoe companies for children with narrow feet, there are only certain shoe styles that will work for a child with narrow feet. What I mean by this is that not all Asics, Saucony, and Naturino shoe styles will fit the shape of a child with narrow feet, only certain specific styles.

In addition to finding a shoe style that fits your child’s narrow feet perfectly, the shoes must also provide good everyday support to keep your kids’ feet and legs healthy. Shoes that come with a substantial outsole that provides good shock absorption minimize the impact that your kids’ feet take when they come in contact with the ground. In addition to being supportive, the shoes must be lightweight and flexible at the same time.

My 2 Best Tips for Kids with Narrow Feet

1️⃣ Children with narrow feet don’t need as much growing room. As a standard rule, I always recommend providing children with a half a size longer  (3/16 of an inch or 0.4 centimeters) of space between their longest toe and the end of the shoes. Please note that your kids’ longest toe might not necessarily be the big toe, it can be the second or even the third toe. I have noticed how the foot of a child that has narrow feet tends to grow at a slower rate.

2️⃣ I always recommend shoes that come with shoelaces over velcro closure, as shoelaces will hug your kids’ feet better, filling up any remaining gap and providing your child with better support and stability.

I am going to provide you with a selection of shoes that have proven to be the most effective ones when it comes to fitting the shape of a child with narrow feet. However, if you don’t know your child’s exact foot size, you won’t be able to order the correct shoe size for your child.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

Shoes that are too short, too long, too narrow, or too wide, will create issues with your child’s feet. This is why you must fit your kids’ shoes just right.

I always recommend parents take their children to be fitted for shoes at their specialized local shoe store, but the issue is that most stores have been closing down and parents don’t know where to take their children to be properly fitted for shoes.


If you identify with this, start by taking a look at a resource that I created where I showcase the best-fitting children’s shoe stores by state.

Still not able to locate a good shoe store in your area? Take a look at a virtual shoe fitting service I created where I describe the simplest, yet most effective way to figure out your child’s exact foot size from home.

What Are the Best Shoe Brands for Kids with Narrow Feet?

These are my go-to shoe brands for kids with narrow feet:

  • Asics
  • Naturino
  • Saucony

Now that you know how to figure out your child’s exact foot size from home and what features your kids’ shoes must provide, you are ready to take a look at a selection of the best shoes for kids with narrow feet.

I only review shoes that I have fitted before since that is the only way for me to tell how well-made the shoes are, the amount of support that they provide, and how they fit. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

The Best Shoes for Kids with Narrow Feet

Below you can find a selection of the best shoes for kids with narrow feet.

If you try any of these shoes that I recommend and the shoes are still gaping too much either at the front part of the shoes or around the ankles, there are 2 steps that you can follow that will help the shoes fit and feel better.

➡️ 1stMethod: Place a tongue pad inside your kids’ shoes, to be more specific, place it right below the tongue of the shoes. Tongue pads are adhesive-backed pads that go in the tongue of the shoes and they work in all enclosed shoes. Tongue pads are extremely effective in reducing excess space inside the shoes.

Simply place the tongue pads in your kids’ shoes as shown in the image below:

The tongue pad will push your kids’ feet back, securing the heels against the back of the shoes, and filling up any remaining gap inside the shoes.

➡️ 2nd Method: Place a full-length insole inside your kids’ shoes. I am not talking about an orthotic, just a regular insole like the one that comes with the shoes. This will raise your kids’ feet and fill up some of the extra space inside the shoe. This approach can be more expensive, and I have always found placing a tongue pad to be more effective.

What Are the Best Dress Shoes, Sandals, and Boots for Kids with Narrow Feet?

Here are additional resources in case you need a pair of dress shoes, sandals, or boots for your child’s narrow feet.

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available?

I am always asking parents to remember one thing: It doesn’t matter how narrow their child’s feet are, there is always at least one particular shoe style out there that will fit the shape of their child’s narrow feet perfectly and I will help them it. My e-mail address is:

[email protected]

Have you found a particular shoe brand that has worked well for your child’s narrow feet? Which shoe brand would you recommend? Please share your findings below so other families can benefit from your experiences.