Indoor Shoes for Kids – The Best Indoor School Shoes for Children!

Are you looking for a pair of indoor shoes for your child to wear at school? Certain schools require your child to leave a pair of indoor shoes at school that has never been worn outside. While this may sound unnecessary and a waste of money to some parents, I will explain to you why I see this as a safety issue, rather than a waste of money. I am going to show you a list of the best indoor shoes for kids based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

Many schools require children to bring indoor shoes meant to be kept at school during the spring and fall. I have spoken with many parents who find this ridiculous and problematic. From a financial perspective, I understand how difficult it may be for some families, but I have spoken to several teachers who told me how indoor shoes make a big difference to the cleanliness and usability of the schools. I will also provide you with a selection of the most affordable, yet well-made and comfortable pair of shoes for your child to leave at school.

I think the main problem is that schools use the term “indoor shoes” instead of “gym shoes”. For example, dirt dragged by other students’ shoes onto the gym floor where your child performs his or her physical education activity might put the student at risk of slipping and falling. The same applies when your child is running around and playing indoors. The “indoor shoes” dilemma is about making the school a safer place for your kids.

I always recommend parents take their children to their local children’s shoe store to be properly fitted for shoes, since it doesn’t matter how well made or supportive the shoes are, if they’re not fitted properly, your child won’t get any of the benefits the shoe has to offer. What’s even worse, if the shoes are not the correct size you will end up creating several issues with your child’s feet such as blisters, calluses, and corns.

There are several reasons why schools require indoor shoes, and I believe they are all important.

If your school requires your child to wear indoor shoes, I will provide you with a selection of the most affordable and comfortable ones.

What Are the Best Indoor Shoes for Kids? – Get the Scoop!

Basically, we want to find a well-fitting quality pair of shoes for your child at a reasonable price. Some parents get confused when they hear the term “indoor shoes” and they immediately think of a pair of house slippers. Please be aware that most schools don’t allow children to use slippers as their indoor shoes.

That’s why I created a list of what most schools mean when they require indoor shoes for your child. Remember that this might not apply to your school, but when it comes to indoor shoes most schools require the shoes to fulfill the following requirements:

1️⃣ Crocs are not allowed.

2️⃣ Slippers are not allowed.

3️⃣ Light-up shoes are not allowed.

4️⃣ Heavy sneakers are not allowed.

5️⃣ The shoes must be lightweight.

6️⃣ The shoes must be flexible.

7️⃣ The shoes must have a supportive rubber outsole.

Remember that your child will be wearing these shoes the majority of the time they are at school. That’s why the shoes must be supportive, comfortable and well-made.

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

If we find a pair of shoes that provides all of those features, your child will be ready to go! However, if you have read any of my previous articles, you probably know how important it is to provide your child with the correct shoe size. I actually wrote an article where I describe the simplest, yet most effective way to figure out your child’s foot size from home.

In that article I help parents determine their child’s exact foot size and whether the child has narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet. I also will be able to tell you whether your child has a high instep or not.


Since children’s feet come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s important to know the difference between narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide shoes. I like to recommend shoe styles that are available in different widths, that way we can guarantee that they will fit the shape of your child’s feet, no matter how narrow or wide they are.

Never purchase shoes that are too large in an attempt to compensate for the width, as you will end up compromising your child’s stability and making your child more prone to falling.

The Best Indoor Shoes for Kids

Below you can find a list of the best indoor shoes for kids who need them for school, and these shoes are available in different widths including medium (M), wide (W), and extra wide (XW). Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Before you leave…

Did you know that socks play a key role in keeping your kids’ feet healthy? They act as a barrier between your kids’ feet and the shoes and they prevent the formation and buildup of bacteria inside the shoes.

Breathable and Seamless Socks for Kids 

Wearing the correct type of socks is just as important as wearing the correct type of shoes. It is crucial that you provide your kids with breathable socks —especially for those kids who have sweaty feet— to keep their feet dry and healthy. If your child walks around with wet socks all day, they may develop several foot issues that go from getting blisters to developing infections.

Most children will run around in wet socks all day without complaining, so you need to constantly check your kids’ feet throughout the day to make sure they are not damp. Breathable shoes help decrease sweat accumulation, but a combination of breathable shoes and breathable socks will considerably reduce the sweat and in some cases fully eliminate it.

I actually wrote a post where I describe the best breathable socks for children with sweaty feet.

I hope I made you aware of the importance of providing your child with a pair of indoor shoes for school, and changed your mind to see that it’s not a waste of money; it addresses a safety issue and is a way of keeping the schools clean.

I advise that if you want to make sure your kids’ shoes make it home safely, you should label them either by hand on the shoes or with personalized labels.

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available?

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my e-mail if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes for your child. My e-mail address is:

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Does your children’s school require your kids to wear indoor shoes? Have you tried any of the styles that I recommend? Please share your thoughts and experiences below so other parents can benefit from your experiences.