The Best Shoes with Arch Support – Stop Leg and Foot Pain!

Have you noticed your child walking or running differently lately? Has your child been complaining about foot or leg pain? If your child has been diagnosed with flat feet or a different foot condition and needs to wear shoes with arch support, I am going to show you which shoes can help your child walk and run straighter and significantly reduce or fully eliminate your child’s foot pain. I will show you a list of the best shoes with arch support based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

Did you know that children’s feet suffer about 3 times more stress than average adult feet? Children are involved in a lot more high intense activity levels and high-impact activities than adults. This is the reason why children should wear good supportive shoes with good shock absorption, to reduce the high impact on their feet and knees.

The United States is being flooded with cheap shoes made in China, and it is important to know which shoes provide better support to provide your children with good, quality shoes!

Foot and leg pain in children are not common and you shouldn’t ignore the pain. If your kids are complaining about foot or leg pain, start by checking if the shoes that they are wearing are supportive enough and if they are wearing the correct size.

The most common reason why children experience foot pain is from having flat feet.

How Can You Tell if Your Child is Flat-Footed?

Take a look at the picture below, does it look familiar? If you notice that when your kids stand their feet collapse and turn inwards, then it’s very likely that your kids are flat-footed.

Another way to tell if children are flat-footed is to take a look at the shoes they are currently wearing. If you notice the shoes tilting inwards, then it means that your child has been pronating most likely due to having flat feet.

Take a look at the picture below for clarification. Do you notice how the shoe is turning inwards?

I have helped hundreds of children with flat feet and this condition is more common than you think. It is a fact that having flat feet is hereditary. This means that if you have flat feet, it is very likely that your children will too. The key is to not let sore, flat feet impact your child’s everyday activities.

The good news is that certain shoes provide good arch support and help prevent your child’s feet from collapsing and turning inwards.

A pair of good supportive shoes with arch support might be all that your child needs to prevent his/her feet from pronating, but don’t take my word for it, let me prove this to you!

Before and After Images

Let’s take a look at a picture of a child that is flat-footed standing barefoot. Do you notice how the feet are turning inwards?

Now let’s take a look at a picture of the same child standing in a pair of shoes that don’t provide arch support. Do you notice how the feet are still collapsing and turning inwards?


Let’s see what happens when we fit that same child in a pair of shoes with good arch support that I recommend. Do you notice how straighter the child’s feet are?


Did you know that most kids might not be mature enough to recognize and express that a foot condition is developing until the pain becomes intolerable and thus may not receive a diagnosis as early as they should?

This is why it’s so important to keep a close eye on your child’s feet and always provide them with supportive shoes.

What Makes the Shoes I Recommend Ideal for Children with Foot Problems?

Wearing a shoe with a firm heel counter and good arch support can help realign your child’s body posture as well as strengthen the muscles, from the leg to the back of the shoulders. 

What Makes the Shoes I Recommend Effective for Flat Feet?  

1️⃣ Supportive and Substantial Outsoles: This feature helps prevent your child’s feet from collapsing and pronating and reduce the impact between your kids’ feet and the ground.


2️⃣ Firm heel counters: This feature provides ankle support and prevents the ankles from rolling inwards.


3️⃣ Straight Lasts: This feature helps prevent the forefoot from pushing out. You need to stay away from shoes that have an excessively curved last as they lack heel stability. Most Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour shoes come with a curved or semi-curved last. Take a look at the image below for better visualization purposes:


Children with flat feet must wear supportive shoes, especially if their feet or legs hurt. Depending on the amount of pain your kids are experiencing, they might need an orthotic inside their shoes. However, the first step is to start with good quality and supportive shoes.

I always recommend shoes that come with shoelaces instead of velcro closure, since shoelaces provide better support and stability. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a selection of the best shoes with arch support. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

The Best Shoes with Arch Support

Please note that if you slide your hand inside the shoes you might not feel the built-in-arch support, but the supportive outsole and firm heel counter will help keep your kids’ feet supported.

I have fitted all of the shoes that I recommend above and I am aware of the quality and support they will provide for your child, and how they fit.

Getting a pair of good-quality, supportive shoes for your child will assure proper growth and foot development. Supportive shoes are required for every child not just those with specific foot problems.

I want to clarify that it doesn’t matter how much arch support a particular shoe provides, if you don’t get the correct shoe size, your child won’t get the full benefits that the shoe has to offer. This leads me to this next question: Are you 100% sure of your child’s foot size?

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

Take a look at an article I wrote where I describe the simplest, yet most effective way to provide your child with the correct shoe size.

Let’s take a look at what supportive shoes can provide for your child:

  • Help correctly develop your kids’ feet, ankles and joints.
  • Improve your kids’ posture.
  • Help your kids walk straighter.
  • Prevent your kids from toe walking.
  • Minimize the impact on your kids’ feet and legs when they are playing high intense activities.
  • Help maintain balance.
  • Reduce muscle strain and fatigue.

Did you know that most foot problems are a result of shoes that have little to non-existent support?

Orthotics for Arch Support – When the Shoes are Not the Solution!

I always recommend parents try a pair of good, supportive shoes, but if the pain persists, then you might need to invest in a pair of orthotics.

There will be cases when the pain in your kids’ feet is so intense that a pair of supportive shoes cannot reduce or eliminate it, and you will need to provide your child with a pair of orthotics. Orthotics can help your children walk and run straighter, by aligning their feet and legs and reducing the stress they are putting on their feet.

An orthotic is basically a shoe insert that is specifically designed to provide cushioning, support, stability, and relieve pressure areas of the foot.

The main reason why I recommend this orthotic is that it provides excellent arch and heel support, and at the same time is not as invasive as other orthotics. This means that this orthotic allows the child’s foot and leg muscles to develop on their own while supporting them.

If the shoes are not helping your child walk and run straighter, below you can find the best orthotics for kids with flat feet. 

Did you know that in Europe children’s shoes are viewed as “health products” rather than fashion items? Therefore, shoes are made to comply with the highest quality standards imposed by European manufacturing. Furthermore, European parents buy only high-quality shoes for their children, and as a result, a great majority of their children grow up without any foot problems or posture defects.

Every parent should view quality shoes as a “developmental need,” not as a fashion statement.

Looking for Other Shoe Recommendations?

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my e-mail if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes for your child. My e-mail address is: [email protected]

Does your child have flat feet? Is there a particular shoe style that you tried that has worked well for his or her feet? Please share your findings below so we can all benefit from your experiences!