Wide Width Baseball Cleats – They Do Exist!

Are you having a hard time finding a pair of baseball cleats for your child with wide or extra wide feet? Finding a pair of baseball cleats to accommodate the shape of your child’s wide feet and high instep can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience, especially if you don’t know what styles to look for. I have put together a selection of the best wide width baseball cleats for kids, and I will show you these cleats shortly.

The Importance of Wearing the Correct Type of Baseball Cleats

Getting the correct pair of athletic shoes is extremely important if you want your children to perform at their best. Getting a longer cleat size for your child so the cleats don’t feel as tight is not an option. This will only lead to your child feeling unstable when running.

Playing baseball in a pair of baseball cleats that are too narrow is going to have a direct impact on your kids’ performance and lead to several foot issues. There is a very small selection of baseball cleats for kids with wide feet, but the good news is that I will help you find them.

The baseball cleats I recommend provide a very firm heel counter for maximum lateral support and it is really well padded around the heels. Not all sports shoes have to feel hard and stiff.

Pro Tip: If you’re pressed for time, you can go straight to the selection of baseball cleats for kids with wide feet.

What Makes the Baseball Cleats I Recommend Effective for Wide Feet?

In addition to being labeled as wide (W), the baseball cleats I recommend provide the following two key features to fit the shape of your child’s wide feet:

1️⃣ Extra Depth: This feature allows your kids’ feet to fit deeply inside the cleats, preventing the top part of your child’s feet (instep), from rubbing against the top part of the shoes. This feature also prevents the top part of your kids’ toes from rubbing against the top front part of the shoes, and this is important since this is how most children get blisters on their toes.

Let’s visualize the difference in depth between one of the baseball cleats I recommend and a different style:

2️⃣ Round Toe-Boxes: This feature helps prevent your kids’ toes from overlapping against each other or rubbing against the side of the shoes.

If your children want to start playing baseball for the first time, or if they have been playing baseball for a long time, providing them with the correct pair of cleats is your responsibility as a parent. Let your children focus on having fun instead of worrying about their feet or legs hurting.

New Balance and Adidas manufacture some baseball cleats that are available in wide widths (W) that can fit children with wide or extra wide feet.  Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases.

Wide Width Baseball Cleats for Kids

Below you can find the best wide width baseball cleats for kids. Please choose the wide width option (W). 

How to Retrieve Your Child’s Exact Foot Length and Shape

If you want to be 100% sure about what shoe size to order online, I suggest that you follow the instructions in a different article.

Wide Baseball Cleats for Kids – Protect and Support Your Child’s Feet!

Did you know that the midsole which is incorporated inside these amazing cleats provides exclusive protection from any kind of shock or foot injury? If your child happens to fall while playing baseball, these cleats are designed to disperse the impact on their feet thus protecting the feet or toes from fracture or serious injury.

These cleats will significantly boost your kid’s efficiency. Maybe they will not automatically make them better baseball players, but they will definitely allow them to play at their best. You won’t have to worry about your kids’ toes being cramped inside the shoes, it’s time to realize that getting the right baseball cleats is critical for keeping your kids’ feet healthy and allow them to play comfortably.

Don’t look at cleats just as another pair of shoes but rather as a product that will help your children achieve their best and unleash their full potential. Could you perform well in shoes that make you feel uneasy? I surely couldn’t! Shoes are one of the most powerful pieces of equipment your child wears on the field.

Remember that cleats always fit narrower than regular sneakers, since they are made to fit the shape of the athlete’s foot. That is the reason why it is so important to find cleats that are wide enough. The best thing about these cleats is that they are available in a very large variety of sizes.

Why are Wide Cleats so Hard to Find? – Lack of Demand?

For some reason, shoe companies don’t invest in manufacturing a large selection of baseball cleats that come in wide widths. The same is true for other sports such as soccer, where there are only a few styles that are available in wide widths.

I know there is a big demand out there for wide width cleats, the issue is that most parents don’t know that cleats in wide widths actually exist and they end up fitting their children in shoes that are too long (to compensate for the width).

If children are not wearing the right size cleat when playing baseball, they will not be able to perform at their best and they will end up having a bad experience.

A cleat that is too short, too long,  too narrow, or too wide will compromise your child’s stability and increase the risk of falling.

This is why baseball cleats have undeniable importance in your kids’ sporting routine and it is important to provide them with the correct width as well as the correct length for them to feel comfortable and be able to perform at their best.

It can actually be a very frustrating experience to try to shop for wide width sport shoes if you don’t know where to find them. You don’t need to waste your time anymore, these New Balance baseball cleats that I showed you are perfectly designed for your kids’ wide or extra wide feet.

You can let your children discover their journey in the sport they adore while having peace of mind. Your kids can now fearlessly follow their passion for their favorite sports without being hindered or being drawn back by the fear of injuries or bad performance.

The type of cleats that your children wear might not make them better players, but they will definitely allow them to play at their best capacity.

Baseball Socks for Kids – Let’s Cushion and Protect Their Feet!

I almost forget to tell you about the importance of wearing the right type of socks when your child is playing baseball.

Baseball socks act as a barrier between your kids’ feet and the cleats, preventing the formation of blisters. When children are running, there is constant friction between their feet and the shoes, so it’s important to wear a pair of socks that will minimize this friction.

The baseball socks that I will describe below will keep your kids’ feet comfortable and dry with Hydrologix moisture moving fiber technology. The materials these socks are made of will also prevent blistering and resists shrinkage.

The socks I describe below will also provide extra padding and cushion to targeted areas of your kids’ feet. Below you can find a selection of the best baseball socks for kids.

Now that you know which are the best socks and baseball cleats for kids with wide feet, you are ready to make a better and well-informed decision.

Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available?

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my e-mail if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes to accommodate your child’s wide feet. My e-mail address is:


When children are playing baseball, they are putting extra pressure on their feet and knees by accelerating quickly and sliding. If they are not wearing the correct pair of cleats, this increased impact may not only end up hurting their feet, but also make them more prone to injuries.

Wide Baseball Cleats for Kids – Watch Video!

This video covers everything that we went through in the article and it will also help you visualize what features your kids’ baseball cleats must provide to accommodate your child’s wide feet.

Have you tried this baseball cleat for your child before? Is there another baseball cleat style that you have found that works well for children with wide or extra wide feet? Please share your findings below so other parents can benefit from your experiences.