The Best Shoes For Kids With Pronation – Keep Your Kids Feet And Legs Healthy!

Kids With Flat Feet

Has your child been complaining of foot and leg pain? Have you noticed them walking and running differently? Foot or leg pain is never normal, and there are certain steps you can take to reduce or completely eliminate the pain!

Children with low muscle tone, flat feet, or rolled ankles tend to pronate. The main problem is that every time these children take a step, their feet collapse, twisting their foot, legs, and knees and forcing their body out of proper alignment.

The main motivation to provide your child with good, supportive shoes is to improve their POSTURE! ,During the period of time children grow, their posture is set for the rest of their lives, and it all begins with the foundation for their entire body, their FEET!

The correct pair of shoes will improve your kids’ posture by aligning their feet and legs, and it will also prevent leg and back problems in the future.

The other issue with pronation is that it forces your kids’ toes to work harder each step, which leads them to more pressure on their toes, creating calluses, blisters, and corns, among other foot issues!

I have been fitting children’s shoes for over 7 years, and I work for a specialized kids’ shoe store where we specialize in children who have foot and leg pain! Did you know that something as simple as providing your kids with the correct pair of shoes can considerably improve the way they walk? In addition to helping your kids’ walk and run straighter, the correct type of shoes will reduce or fully eliminate the pain your child is experiencing!

Physical therapists and pediatricians are always referring children with foot and leg issues to our kids’ shoe store to be fitted for good, supportive shoes.

If your child is experiencing foot or leg pain, the first step is to check the shoes they are wearing. The wrong shoe style or the shoe size is considered one of the main causes for foot and leg pain.

I always recommend that parents to take their kids’ to their local children’s shoe store, where they can be properly fitted for shoes. However, a number of parents have contacted me asking me how and where they can get their kids’ shoes online, since they don’t have a local shoe store in their area that they trust!

I am here to help parents whose children are suffering from foot and leg pain and who don’t have a local children’s shoe store to take their children to be properly fitted for shoes. I can guide you not only through the process of finding good supportive shoes, but also through the process of providing your child with the correct shoe size!

Please don’t ignore your kids’ pronation, since it can and it will lead to foot abnormalities!

In this post I describe the best shoes for kids with pronation who are experiencing foot and leg pain!

Kids With Foot Pain

Why Is Your Child Pronating? – Learn The Facts!

The main cause for pronation is believed to be hereditary. Pronation is a congenital defect which causes the muscles and ligaments of your child’s feet to become more loosely held in place, causing their feet to turn inwards when they walk and run.

Keep in mind that if your child is experiencing pronation before the age of 4, you shouldn’t worry about it to much. While some parents do want to intervene at an earlier age, it is recommended that parents wait until the child turns 4 years old or older.

Before then, you can provide your child with a pair of more substantial shoes and orthotics!

How Can You Tell If Your Child Is Pronating? – Learn The Symptoms!

Figuring out if your child is pronating is easier than you might think! The first way is to look for unusual walking or running. If you see your kid walking  or running differently, with his feet or legs turning in, that means your child is pronating.

The other way (and the easiest one) is to take a look at the shoes your child is wearing from behind.  You will be able to notice if the shoe is caving in or not.

Take a look at the picture below for clarification!

Kids Shoes Pronation

You are probably wondering what signs you should be looking for to find out if there are any issues with your kids’ feet! I break them down below!

  • Your child complains of tired legs
  • Your child asks to be carried or pushed in the stroller
  • Your child is reluctant to walk
  • Your child appears clumsy or uncoordinated
  • Your child is unwilling to participate in sports
  • You notice an unusual wear pattern on your kids’shoes

If your child is complaining of pain in any of the areas below, it might be a sign that your child is pronating!

  • Pain in the back of the ankle (Achilles pain)
  • Ankle pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Low back pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shin Splints

If your child has been complaining about foot and leg pain, you must do whatever it takes to relieve and fully eliminate the pain. But before you do that, you must identify where the pain is coming from!

Take a look at this post which will help you identify exactly where your kids’ issues are:

Foot Pain Diagnosis Symptoms – Learn How To Stop Your Kids’ Foot And Leg Pain!

Kid With Foot Pain

Will The Right Pair Of Shoes STOP Your Kids’ Pronation?

Yes, they will! The correct shoe style will prevent your kids’ feet from collapsing and turning in and allow your child to walk and run straighter. However, there is a limited selection of kids’ shoes that provide enough support and structure, but these shoes will make a huge difference in the way your child walks!

These are not orthopedic shoes, they are regular running shoes that simply provide more support and structure. There are three key features that the shoes must provide to keep your kids’ feet healthy:

  • Arch support
  • Ankle support
  • Shock absorption

The shoes must be lightweight and flexible, while being supportive at the same time. If you want to stop your child from pronating, it all starts with wearing the correct type of shoes, and I will describe these shoes below. However, if you have tried the correct pair of shoes and your child is still pronating, you may have to consider providing your child with a pair of orthotics.

What Are The Best Type Of Shoes For A Child Who Pronates?

Supportive and sturdy shoes are best for a child who is pronating. However, it’s not easy to identify these type of shoes since there are not that many of them available! However, I have been fitting these type of shoes for over seven years and I know exactly which shoes these are!

Once I have fitted a child in a pair of supportive shoes I take them outside the shoe store to watch them walk. I ask the parents to come with me so they can see the difference for themselves! 50% of the time we can see an improvement right away, but in certain cases it might take up to two weeks before seeing an improvement.

If you are willing to invest the time, provide lace-up sneakers for your child so they can get the most out of the shoes! Shoes with shoelaces provide more stability and support, since shoelaces hug your kids’ feet, providing more support and more stability!

Below you can find a selection of the best shoes for kids’ with pronation!

I have fitted all of these shoe styles before and they have proven to improve the way children walk. All of these shoe styles have a very firm heel counter, good arch support, and excellent structure to provide your kids with shock absorption!

Because not all parents are ready to teach their kids how to tie their shoes, the first row of shoes come in velcro closure, and the second row of shoes come with shoelaces (if your child already knows or wants to learn how to tie his or her shoes).

If you decide to provide your kids’ with sneakers with shoelaces, you should take a look at this post which will be really handy: 

How To Tie Shoes With Orthotics – Stop Heel Slippage

What If The Shoes Don’t Improve The Way Your Child Walks? 

Sometimes a pair of supportive shoes is not enough to improve and correct the way your child walks. If you have tried a pair of supportive shoes for your child and he or she is still having foot pain or walking differently, you might want to try a pair of orthotics. A pair of orthotics will help redistribute your kids’ body weight, correct the abnormal placement of the foot , and make their gait balanced and efficient!

Orthotics will help improve your kids’ posture and reduce or completely eliminate the excess stress on their knees and hip joints. While I don’t discuss the importance of providing your kids’ with orthotics in as much detail in this post, I have written another post where I describe the best orthotics for children with foot and leg pain, which will answer all of your questions!

You can find that post here:

Insoles For Flat Feet – Say Goodbye To Your Kids’ Foot Pain!

Orthotics For Kids

Please don’t ignore your kids’ foot and leg pain! Remember that pain in your kids’ feet and legs is never normal, and the earlier you take action the better! You will end preventing future problems such as back, leg, or knee pain!

Also, if your children are involved in sports. which stresses their feet and legs at a whole new level, you can reduce the impact on their feet, legs, and knees by providing them with the correct pair of shoes and orthotics.

Even though some people believe that kids can “grow out” of flat feet, this is actually false. In fact, if we don’t take corrective action at an earlier stage, the issue will lead to painful flat feet as adults. This is why it’s so important to take proper action and treat your kids’ feet earlier rather than later!

Early intervention will restore balance to your kids’ muscles and joints, which will help your child walk and run without pain or discomfort!

Is your child having foot or leg pain? Have you noticed him or her walking differently? Have you found a particular shoe style or orthotic that has resolved the issue? Please share your thoughts and experiences below so we can all benefit from them!


I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kid’s feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.

55 Comments on The Best Shoes For Kids With Pronation – Keep Your Kids Feet And Legs Healthy!

  1. We know that our boy suffers from flat feet and rolling in ankles (Over pronation) but where to go to buy shoes that support his feet. the hospital gave him march supports that were hard didn’t fit well, hurt and gave him blisters so he never used them and now don’t fit anyway! We live in Bromley Kent.

    • Hello Kay,

      The shoe store that I work for is an independent kids’ shoe store, and I am not familiar with what type of shoe stores you have at Bromley Kent. I will avoid taking your child to places such as Nordstrom’s, Payless, Stride Rite (I think most of their stores are closed now). Is there an independent kids shoe store in your area or somewhere close by you can drive your child to? Our customers travel up to 45 minutes to have their kids properly fitted for shoes and orthotics.

      It seems like your child can use a different type of orthotic. Have you tried any over the counter orthotic? Some of them offer excellent arch and ankle support.I will also recommend you to look for shoes that come with shoelaces, since they will offer more support and stability to your child, and lock his ankles in place.

      I hope this clarifies, if you are looking for supportive over the counter orthotics get back at me and I will help you find them.

  2. Hi Kay I also live in Bromley Kent and have two girls with pronation aged 7 and 9. They both have been fitted with insets in their school shoes by a podiatrist at Beckenham Beacon (you can self refer online). I have just bought trainers at Run and Become near Victoria Station. Who are excellent , who looked at their gait. we had Asics and New Balance trainers. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi! Im very hesitant on buying my son (he just turned 7) another pair of shoes. We both have a connective tissue disorder and his feet and ankles are very bendy because of putting weight on them. Hes been wearing a pair of $55 Keens for about 5-6 weeks now and the back is already giving way to pressure applied with my finger. He wears a pair of custom fit orthotics. He wears the shoes I buy him with the orthotics till the bottoms become worn all the way through and water leaks through, which is a few months no matter what brand or style. The shoes you mentioned are on the low price range, which is great! But a year or so ago I bought him a $30 pair of shoes and they lasted 3 weeks, so Im super hesitant on buying something that seems too good to be true! Do you think a shoe that goes higher on the ankle will help or hinder? Do you have any suggestions? The 6 weeks hes worn these shoes hes been stuck in school, and when hes not in school hes at home not wearing shoes! I have no clue how this can happen! I have been told Keen is an excellent brand for foot issues, and he has orthotics! Hes going to need new shoes soon, and Im hoping they wont cost $5-10 a week to wear! I know wearing higher shoes could cause muscle loss, but hes not very active while wearing shoes/doesnt wear shoes much.

    • Hello Sarah,

      The first thing I would like to know is whether your child has a narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide foot. While the shoes I recommend in this article are available in different widths, I am curious to know the shape of your child’s feet.

      When you say that your son has been wearing a pair of Keens do you mean Keen summer sandals or Keen everyday shoes? Keen summer sandals are the best type of sandal you can get for a child who wears orthotics, but when it comes to shoes, there are other brands that might be better for him.

      if you are looking for a shoe that will provide good support, durability, and comfort, this might be the shoe for your son (although it’s higher priced than my other recommendations): Shoes For Kids With Orthotics

      Since you have been having problems with the durability of your son’s shoes you might want to give that shoe a try. Also, are you 100% sure you are providing your child with the correct shoe size?
      Realistically, you should be replacing your son’s shoes every 5 months.

      I would also recommend that you provide your child with shoes that come with shoelaces instead of velcro closure. Shoelaces will provide more stability and support for him. I hope this helps!

  4. Hi, I see your recommendations but do you have any for Nike or UA? I only ask bc my son will not wearing anything but Nike or UA, I have bought him others and they are still sitting in his closet new in the box. Thanks!

    • Hello Brittney,

      The reason why I don’t recommend Nike or Under Armour is because the shoes are too flismy to hold the orthotic in place. If you get a pair of orthotics and you don’t get a pair of good, supportive shoes, your child won’t get any of the benefits that the orthotic has to offer. I would recommend you get him a pair of good supportive shoes and then a pair of Nike shoes for his not “so intense activities”. If you can’t do that and you MUST provide your child with a pair of Nike shoes, tell me his shoe size and I will be able to show you the “most supportive Nike shoe styles”. I hope that helps!

  5. Hi,
    My son has a flat foot and requires supportive shoes . We live in NJ. Is your store in Maryland? Please send me the address. I would like to bring him for a fitting.

    • Hello Mary,

      The shoe store that I work for is called Shoe Train and its located at 1325 Seven Locks Rd, Potomac, MD 20854. If I am not there that day there are other people who have been working there for 25+ years and will fit your child for orthotics. Good luck!

    • Hello Amber,

      I love New Balance shoes not just because they provide great support and stability, but because they are also available in different widths such as medium, wide, and extra wide. New Balance is our number one selling brand at the shoe store that I work for.

    • Hello Kristina,

      I would like to know if your child is already walking or still learning how to walk. The reason why I mention this is because New Balance provides shoes for children who are already walking, not learning how to walk. Most New Balance shoes start at a size 5 and up, I can show you a selection of m favorite styles but first places clarify whether your child is already walking or not, because if he is not walking yet, there are other options I can provide you with.

  6. Hi,

    I came across your article today as I was researching information with regards to Pronation for my toddler. Thank you for the insight. I don’t live in the US and am interested for shoe options for my baby. He is 22 months old and has Pronation that is very prominent on his right foot. As a baby he has to undergo surgery for dysplasia. It is only recently that he has started to walk. I would want him to start off in the correct posture and rectify the bend. Pls help me.

    • Hello Reema,

      Is there a shoe store in your area you can take him to have his feet properly measured? There is a shoe style I have fitted before that provides excellent support and stability. This shoe its usually our to-go shoes style for our toddler’s with pronation. However, you must make sure it FITS him perfectly.
      Without looking at your son’s feet is hard for me to provide with the best advice, but I can definitely tell you this shoe has helped several children walk and run straighter, as well as reduce the impact their feet get every time they come in contact with the ground. You can find that shoe style here:

      Narrow Toddler Shoes

      This shoe style is also available in different widths such as medium, wide, and extra wide.

      Please let me know if this helps!

      • Thank you for the prompt reply dear Juan. If you could send me an email from your personal ID I can send you a snapshot of my child’s foot so that you can assess better. I will try to get my son’s foot measured. I live in the Middle-East so a lot of shoes that are available in USA are not very accessible for us here unless ordered online. Do you recommend any brand that I can probably look out for over here or online? Some suggested Pediatric Orthotic as well. If you vouch for any of these products pls do let me know and I will get onboard with it ASAP. Once again thank you for all that you do.

        • Hello Reema,

          You can email me at

          It will be more helpful to me if you email me a picture of your son’s foot traced in a piece of paper. Have you taken your child to your pediatrician or physical therapist and they recommended an orthotic? It will be very hard for me to recommend an orthotic for your child without seeing him walk. However, the brand that I am more familiar is Cascade.
          I believe your child can benefit from that particular shoe style that I describe in the other post. It is the best shoe for children with pronation.

  7. Any suggestions for light-up shoes that help with pronation? Our 4 year old has pronounced pronation on her left foot and I want to get her more supportive shoes but she LOVES light up and I’m afraid she won’t wear the shoes recommended above.

    • Hello,

      Yes, there is a type of light up shoe that provides more support than the rest. It won’t be as supportive as the shoes I recommend in this post, but from the light up options is definitely the best one. It comes with a firm heel counter and good structure and is available in wide or extra wide in case you need to fit an orthotic inside the shoe. You can find these shoes in a post I wrote called:

      Supportive Light Up Shoes

      I hope this helps!

  8. Can you recommend anyone in or close to Texas. My daughter is 9 and we confirmed she has flat feet. She loves to run and I would love to get the right shoe for her.

    • Hello Shaneka,

      I know there are a few children’s shoe stores in Texas but I have not been there nor know the type of service they provide. Hopefully other parents from that area will read your comments and be able to recommend a children’s shoe store in Texas that they trust.

  9. I don’t see the actual list of recommendations? A fit expert at a local SC store suggested the New Balance 860 for its stability but my 7 year old didn’t like the color options. Do you have any other ideas? New Balance or otherwise?

    • Hello Sarah,

      You might be using an Adblocker that is not allowing you to see the list of options. Tell me if you can see them here:

      Does your child has wide feet? Does he need an orthotic to be fitted inside the shoe?

      • He does have VERY flat feet so I was planning to get green super feet in size A to put inside. He tested some at the shoe store and I could see an immediate difference in his gait.

  10. Thank you Juan for all this great information. I live in Chino, California. Do you know of any shoe store near me for my 4 year old daughter?

  11. Okay, thank you. My 4 year old daughter has custom made orthodics, because her flexible flat feet go inwards, one foot more than the other. She complains of knee pain. We will taking her to an orthopedic once we get the referral, because one of her knees doesn’t rotate as much as it should and it is related to her hip. I would like to purchase hi-top tennis for her, and ones with real shoe laces not zippers or velcro, but it has become a challenge to find any. She just turned 4 years old, and wears a 8.5 or 9. Do you know of any? Thank you in advance.

    • Ruth,

      The issue why the selection of shoelaces is so small is because shoe companies don’t make that many until the child reaches a shoe size 10 1/2 or up.You are telling me she wears an 8 .5 or 9 but what width is she?

      I don’t know if you like the style but this is hands down the best shoe style for a child than needs orthotics. It’s deep, supportive, comes with a very firm heel counter and it has shoelaces to provide more support and stability. You can find that shoe style here:

      Shoes For Girls Who Wear Orthotics

      I hope this helps!

      • Thank you Juan! I see what you are saying. As far as her width I’m now doubting myself because I never asked, so I’m not 100% sure, but I would always get her a medium. Her foot is not wide. Sorry if I was not clear, but she just got her custom orthodics that cover a little more than 1/2 of the soles of her feet. On a side note, I’ve called many independent shoe stores, but haven’t found one that sells shoes under a size 1. Unfortunately, when I click on the link that you provided it says, “This site can’t be reached.” Thank you for your time.

        • Hello Ruth,

          Sorry about the issue with the link, it’s fixed now. I would recommend you get her the “M” since you told me she has a medium width. If you decide to get her a shoe with shoelaces you must make sure you tied them correctly or she won’t get any of the benefits that the shoes and the orthotics have to offer.

          There is a way to tie the shoes when children wear orthotics to make sure the shoes don’t move up and down. You can learn about that shoe tying method here:

          How To Tie Shoes With Orthotics – Stop Heel Slippage

          Make sure you remove the inner sole of the shoe when fitting the orthotic.

          I hope this helps!

  12. Thank you for your assistance! Your expertise and quick responses are very much appreciated. You are the King Fitter of Shoes! I can’t wait to read all of your articles since every single one I’ve read so far has been helpful.

    • Hello Tara,

      Tsukihoshi is a great shoe brand. They make very lightweight and flexible (also machine washable) shoes, but I DON’T recommend them for children with foot issues. They don’t have the structure or support that a child that has flat foot needs.I hope this clarifies.

  13. Hello,

    My son who is almost 3 has pronation and we wear NB on him and they work well. I was hoping to find him some sort of sandal or summer shoe for when he wants to play with his water table and for somewhat regular wear. Are there any sandals or summer shoes you could recommend that have good arch support? Thank you!

  14. Hi Juan,
    My daughter is 20 months old and has been in PT for 6 months because she has slightly low muscle tone and was late to crawl. She also has hyperpronation and is not walking yet. We take her to PT every week and she wears the Cascade dafos leapfrog with stride rite shoes. Which shoes should we get for her to help her walk on her own? She wears size 4 in stride rite with her brace or size 3 without it. We are in Los Angeles CA are there any stores you recommend out here? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Mary,
      I hope your daughter is walking better with her orthotics. I know that Cascade orthotics work great for children. There is a particular shoe style that she can really benefit from and that I will recommend she wears with her orthotics. This style provides good support (lateral and arch support) and stability (it comes with shoelaces). At the children’s shoe store that I work for, this is our to-go shoe for children who have low muscle tone and pronation. I will also recommend she wears this shoe style as her shoe without the orthotics. You can find that shoe style here:

      The Best Shoe Style For Low Muscle Tone And Pronation

      I hope this helps!

  15. Hello,

    I came across the article you wrote about over pronation and shoes for children. I am unable to find baby ride shoes in stores and was wondering if you have any other suggestions? Is the ride pro just as good?

    My son is 4 and just saw a pedorthist who said he has a severe case of over pronation and wanted him in a motion control shoe. I cannot find those for children. He has been ordered orthotics as well.

    Any recommendations would be awesome as the shoe stores don’t know what I’m talking about!

    Thank you
    I did email you as well, didn’t know if you would get it though!

  16. I would purchase shoes with laces but cannot find any! I’m in Canada and the selection is minimal and most websites don’t stick the width he needs.

  17. We just were fitted by an independent kid’s shoe store, Tip Top Shoes in NYC and they said our 10 month old is pronating already. We ended up buying Naturino shoes that have more support around the ankle. Is it too soon to address his feet dipping inward??

    • Hello Alexis,

      Keep in mind that your child feet will still develop until age 5 (meaning that if your son’s feet seem flat he might still be able to develop an arch).

      Naturino shoes are great but there is a shoe style that might be more efficient since it is still flexible and lightweight but provides more lateral support. This shoe will also help him with his stability.

      You can find that shoe style here:

      The Best Shoe Style For Toddler That Pronate

      I hope this helps!

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